Back before I started this week’s WTF: What the Friday, I asked for any interested parties to come up with guest posts of their favorite Friday the 13th moments. Well, Andy Champion from was the only one to take me up on this offer. Here’s his post of his most-loved scenes throughout the series – we’re supplanting this for Jason Goes to Hell, and we’ll skip to Jason X tomorrow – that way, I’ve still got a couple more WTFs to do for upcoming Friday the 13ths!

video-carnage takes a look throughout the Friday The 13th franchise, specifically 1-8, to show you what I thought was funny during these movies.

I love the Friday The 13th franchise with a passion. Hell, I even have Jason tattooed on me.
There are certain things in each movie you can find ridiculous and hilarious. So, thanks to The Moon Is A Dead World, I will tell you my favorite funny and WTF moments from the franchise for this WTF Friday The 13th.

Let’s start with Friday The 13th. Looking past the dudes with nut hugger shorts, one of the funniest things was the counselors at the first of the movie. They are singing Christian songs and giving each other the google eyes, then they head off to get down, and get killed. What kind of camp is this? The excuses they give are priceless.

christian singing friday the 13th

The other thing is the motorcycle cop, did that dude just learn how to ride that bike that day? I wish I could have seen him fall off.

biker friday the 13th


Friday The 13th Part 2– Sack head Jason, I loved that look.

My first WTF is why did Ted survive? The comedian always dies. Also, how in the hell did that wheelchair make it all the way down those stairs? It’s real funny how Paul leaves Ginny the note on the mirror Beware Of Bears. Don’t forget Scott stealing Terri’s clothes while she took a swim.

Friday The 13th Part 3-D
For it’s time, the 3-D effects were awesome. This movie is filled with funny stuff, but this is where Jason gets the hockey mask, so this is one of the most loved in the franchise. The soundtrack is so rad! You smile as soon as it hits. You know you laugh when you hear it. The movie starts out funny when the shopkeeper Harold gets the shit scared out of him by the snake in the rabbit hutch. Another funny moment is when the hippies in the van are smoking it up think the cops are about to pull them over and get everyone to eat their stash, but the cops go past them. Still funny to this day. The old man in the road with the eye is pretty funny when they wake him up. What is the best is when Shelly backs up into the motorcycles, and Ali pulls the chain out and Shelly stops the car. Who stops for a dude with a chain?

smiling guy friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter
Final Chapter is one of the best Friday’s ever. But, it still has those WTF moments. I know I’m not the only one who thought why is the medical examiner watching these chicks do aerobics while performing autopsies? What computer is Teddy using? I don’t remember wifi or any program from the 80’s that would calculate if you’re a “dead fuck”. Crispin Glover probably has the best dance moves out of any movie, and when Corey Feldman is watching the girl undress from his window is classic.

death friday the 13th

Friday The 13th Part 5 A New Beginning
The most underrated Friday in the franchise. Two characters in this movie will make me laugh forever, Ethel and Junior.

ethel and junior friday the 13th

Ethel had the best lines like I’m gonna chop you into itty bitty pieces my friend.

Reggie the Reckless had the best scream, that kid has a set of lungs. The two greasers broke down on the side of the road are funny, you know the one who took a dump isn’t clean. Don’t forget Damn Enchiladas!

Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives!
My favorite Friday, and also part 3 of the Tommy trilogy. I give so much credit to Tom McLoughlin for making this a great movie. The entire paintball scene is hilarious, the little guy running around trying to put the branch back on the tree, hilarious. The cemetery caretaker asking if he’s a farthead, I laugh everytime I hear that. Watching Court get all crazy when he drives the RV is so funny, it makes you want to drive one full throttle. When Jason kills the sheriff, that is a real WTF moment. How in the hell did he bend him like that?


Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood
The start of the Kane Hodder years. The sleeping bag kill is a favorite of mine.

sleeping bag friday the 13th


The funniest line of the movie is “ Need a little touch up work my ass” I always laugh at that. Watching Jason put an axe in Melissa’s head is awesome! It always makes me laugh. WTF is going on with Tina’s dad? That dude didn’t even decompose, and he is strong as hell. Also, what about Bernie as Dr. Crews?

friday the 13th 7


Friday The 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan
This is a fun movie to watch. I like seeing Jason in a different element. You have to enjoy Jason taking out a small cruise ship. Funny kill is when he takes out headbanger JJ with her own guitar.

jason takes manhattan

Julius getting his head knocked off is so rad! Jason kicking the kids boombox and showing his face is so funny. The one thing that I can’t get over is after the the toxic chemicals are flushed through the sewers, why does Jason turn back into a kid? I don’t understand.

friday 8 jason takes manhattan

And that’s where I will leave it.
1-8 will always be my favorite Friday films. Don’t get me wrong I love Jason X, Freddy v/s Jason, and I even like the remake I just wanted to share with you the things that I found were funny to me. A huge thanks again to The Moon Is A Dead World for letting me contribute.

andy champion

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Happy Friday The 13th!!!



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