mayoween year 2

May is upon us, and for some, it means getting closer to those warm summer months for vacations, sandy beaches, and bonfires. For me and many of my horror blogger brethren, it means we’re halfway to Halloween – and what better way to celebrate that milestone than to have a month-long celebration of the holiday this month!

For Mayoween Year II I have assembled a bunch of writers – whether they be horror bloggers who you’ve seen around the web, or regular guest posters, or even those horror fans hidden away in the confines of the Dreadit Reddit forum – to come up with movies that create a nostalgic feeling for Halloween. Since everyone was allowed to choose their own film, there is a wide array of different films that will be discussed in-depth this month, along with my own fifteen horror movies that I chose a while back.

There’s a lot to cover, and not a ton of time to waste, so let’s get to it! Every day this month, a new movie will be featured for Mayoween Year II – alternating days for guest posters and my own movies – but the review train will be rolling as well, because I have a ton of screeners to review as well. So some will be part of Mayoween, some won’t be, but it doesn’t matter: it’s all Halloween to me. Enjoy, and thanks to all the participants this year!

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