I was digging through some old clothes in a trunk in my closet and stumbled across a series of poems that seemed strange. I glanced through them and noticed that many of them seemed to be written by people I knew. Investigating, I found five pieces of parchment, each an ode to a various weapon or item. Connecting the dots, I realized that these were poems written by some of the most fearsome killers in all of horror. I quickly put them into documents to preserve them, and now, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it feels fitting to post these love poems to the devices that killed so many people. Enjoy these Odes from a Killer.
Ode to the Machete
Like the seaweed pulls at the feet
of drowners, and the sea floor comes to greet
all of the faceless victims who befell
the comfortable pull of ocean spell,
I come like the crash of waves,
a whirlpool from which no life vest saves.
Machete is the blade of choice,
to hack and slash, repeat, rejoice.
Smooth and straight is the blade
forged by those who live in the shade
of that blighted fateful day
when I left shore and became the gray
lifeless body who will swing the sword
and sever all their spinal cords.
Because the only part of me that could be stopped
died when my mother’s head was lopped.

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