Olive Films’ Blu-Ray release of¬†The Return of Dracula¬†is characteristic of the rest of their unenhanced releases: it sports good picture quality, though basically untouched. The same is true for audio, which is fairly clear with nice crisp soundtrack. No special features are included on this disc, though Olive Films did give viewers subtitles, a good addition that I have been asking for on some of their other releases. Overall, a solid, if unremarkable, release.

Unfortunately The Return of Dracula is not a return to form for the age-old monster, and this rather comedic farce doesn't add much to the character. For a better example, check out Horror of Dracula, released just months later.
The Good
Nice unenhanced transfer of the film from Olive Films
Some solid shots of Dracula rising from the coffin and slipping into victims' rooms
The Bad
Lederer isn't a great Dracula, or at least the part isn't written well
Plot doesn't have much point or direction
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