The Noose: Get your classic comic fix at Digital Comic Museum

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Instead of buying those expensive tomes of old pre-code comics, there’s a cheaper and faster way to get them – go visit the Digital Comic Museum. They’ve got a massive collection of old comics from tons of publishers back from the early 1900s to the 1950s, and even some more recent issues as well.

You’ll find hundreds of comics on the site, including sci-fi, romance, and action adventures, but those of us who are horror fans will have a field day with all of the spookier fare on the site. Ghosts, Weird Horrors, Tales of Horror, and Beware are just some of the horror collections that the Digital Comic Museum collects, and there are tons of issues to consume.

I’ve been going through some of Ghosts, and while it’s clearly not the greatest of horror comics, it’s a nice reprieve from trying to sort through today’s comic chaos. I’ll be checking the site out regularly and trying to post some of the best stories from all of those collections, so check back here for coverage. Otherwise, though, check out the Digital Comic Museum and peruse their library of excellent pre-code comics.


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