My dad drives a truck and stocks for Utz Potato Chips; maybe you’ve heard of them, and if you haven’t, you should probably go out and buy a bag because they’re an excellent brand. Zapp’s gets distributed along with the Utz chips line, so my dad brought this little baggy home for me one day:

zapps voodoo new orleans style

I had to grab a picture and post on here, because I think the bag is super cool. These are Voodoo New Orleans-style potato stix; I haven’t opened them yet, but I think they have a spicy Cajun seasoning blend on them.

On the bag itself are many voodoo dolls of different colors; some are made of straw and others have pins pushed into them. They’re pretty sweet! And guess what – if you buy Zapp’s or Utz you’re indirectly supporting me and my family!

Here’s the site where you can check out information on the Voodoo Stix.

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