The Horrors of March Madness

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There comes a time every March when my hands get clammy for weeks. My skin begins to buckle as though I’m under great stress. I sit with my hands folded behind my head, bracing myself for the worst. These involuntary reactions might seem like the appropriate responses to the best horror movie ever made, but they’re not.

It’s actually just March Madness. There should be a horror movie made about it, where someone goes crazy after watching one of their Final Four teams lose in the second round.

Yesterday, upon seeing New Mexico about to lose to Harvard, I nearly snapped my remote in half. Not even Harvard would predict Harvard would win that one. That might say something about my own anger issues, but it also shows just how frustrating this time of the year can be. Now I know these are only games, and I’m not even playing in them – I’m just picking the winners, basically at random – but still it owns my life from now until the end of the NCAA Tournament.

So this has just been a long-winded post to say that I will most likely be disappearing behind my TV for a while – and also buying a new one, because my old TV is so small that I feel like I’m really at the games in the nosebleed seats. I’ve been kind of away anyway because my new job is taking up a lot of my time and energy, but I will make an attempt to post as much as possible in the coming weeks. When I’m not watching basketball.


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