Yesterday, I bought a new car. It was my first time buying one from a dealership by myself; my current car was purchased from my parents, and the car I had before that was from a family friend. This was an experience, but a good one, and so it only makes sense to celebrate by posting a series of Halloween car ads. Halloween is getting very close! As evidence, check out this new Honda Halloween car ad that’s been popping up on Instagram lately.

witch honda halloween 2015

Ironically enough, I purchased my car from a Honda dealership (but it’s a Nissan). Honda’s got another, older ad featuring a Fit with bats flying out its ass – my wife nearly bought one when she was car shopping a couple of years ago.

honda bats halloween


But the car dealer with the best Halloween ads has to be Mini Cooper, because they have a whole trick-or-treating group of them done by a great ad production team.

mini cooper spider halloween

Here’s the Mini Cooper turned into a spider, using its iconic headlights as googly eyes.

halloween mini cooper bat halloween mini cooper boo halloween mini cooper pumpkin

These ads are clever because they transmogrify the Mini Cooper into a Halloween object, and they’re simple at that. There’s no need for messy graphics, instead hitting on the main, nostalgic themes of the holiday.

halloween mini cooper floating halloween mini cooper trick or halloween mini cooper wicked

Equally simple, and not exactly objectifying Halloween but more so attempting to objectify the adjectives associated with Halloween.

If these Halloween car ads don’t make you want to buy a car, at least they should have you amped for Halloween 2015. As we move further into the season, I’ll continue to search out new ads and commercials for Halloween – keep checking back!


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