Remember when getting Netflix mailed to you was worth it? For a long time, I had Netflix delivery, but there came a point where I found myself unable to watch everything. DVDs would come and sit around for weeks at a time, and I realized I was basically paying for the equivalent of one movie a month. And after they began charging for both instant and delivery, I opted out of the delivery part and just started streaming movies.

But before I quit Netflix, I remember one Halloween a couple of years ago when I found out that Netflix was shipping their films in special Halloween-themed envelopes. Like any fan of horror and Halloween, I naturally flipped out and became infatuated with the designs, to the point where I long to join Netflix during the Halloween season just to get these envelopes again (and Christmas, because I see they did that as well).

But since we’re about halfway to Halloween, I thought it would be fun to look back at the different designs Netflix included on their envelopes. Thanks to a bunch of people on the web also obsessed with the designs, I was able to grab a few pictures of all the different designs (that I know of – if there are more I’ve missed, please let me know so I can find them!).

netflix halloween pumpkin

I couldn’t find a bigger picture of this one, but the design is clear enough anyway. I like the addition of the ghost’s lantern ¬†– that’s a nice, classic touch that reminds me of children’s books I used to read during Halloween. Tromping through the pumpkin patch, the ghost is only able to see by the light of the lantern and the eerie candles from the jack-o-lanters, or so I imagine anyway.

netflix halloween ghosts

I’m pretty sure this is the design that I first saw. Actually, I’m certain of it, because I just found the picture I took back in October 2012 that I posted to Facebook. It’s not my favorite – a little too goofy for my tastes – but if you look closely, there’s a zombie hand sticking out of the ground.

netflix halloween crows

Back in 2012 I remember a few people mentioning they got crows on their Netflix envelopes. Moody – I wonder how many people have gotten Edgar Allan Poe-related films in these envelopes?

netflix halloween werewolf

Here’s one I wasn’t aware of. The werewolf’s howling to the moon, lazy drapes of clouds flitting past it. The grave has a crack through it, nearly blasphemous, and the werewolf’s got a traditional wolf man design that also feels like a classic throwback.

netflix halloween zombies

Finally, we’ve got some zombies on this one, which fills up most of the envelope! The dark black ground is a nice contrast to the bright red of Netflix’s logo. The most foreground zombie to the right, too, looks like the main zombie from¬†ParaNorman. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I like it.




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