Excuse the quality of the video on this commercial, but it appears that a YouTube user named Audi0AnTiks found this strange occurrence on TV back in 2014 from Tide.

It appears that the uploader was watching television late into the night from October 30 to the 31, and happened to see this regular Tide commercial pop up during a commercial break. Nothing about it is different from the normal version until you get about halfway through; then, a ghostly girl pops up behind the two sitting on the couch, looking a lot like Samara fromĀ The Ring.

It happened to other people too, if the commenters are to be believed, and it looks like Tide threw viewers a fun Easter egg for Halloween. It’s an interesting prospect for commercial habits, as well – changing commercials for different holidays and events, even ones that air routinely, are sure to get audience attention, and I love that Tide thought about Halloween enough to make this subtle adjustment. Obviously, it caused a few people to take notice, especially because someone was impacted to upload a video.


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