Television Review – Grimm: "Season of the Hexenbiest"

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Sorry for all the Grimm reviews this week. It turns out that me and the girlfriend wanted to catch up to the series before it starts up again, so we’ve been on sort of a marathon.

It’s the midseason finale. Grimm has been working up to the Juliette amnesia plot all throughout season 2, and now Adalind is finally back. It would seem as though a big surprise should be on the way. Except that’s not really the case with “Season of the Hexenbiest”.

It’s not that this episode is terrible, or that it doesn’t further the plot of the show’s main focus. But it doesn’t further it enough. We’ve been locked into this Juliette groove for twelve hour-long episodes now, and when “To Protect and Serve Man” seemed to indicate that maybe that routine might be broken, I got a little excited. It’s time Grimm explore some new territory, perhaps about the key that Nick has been holding onto in secret for some time, or having his mother return because of some huge upheaval in the Royal family.

So when “Season of the Hexenbiest” perpetuates the idea that Juliette may never recover her memory, it’s a bit disappointing to see Grimm treading water so much. Juliette’s character has changed aplenty, and she’s not the character that everyone just expects to go along with Nick anymore. But she is sort of getting annoying in the “you-don’t-know-you’re-doing-something-wrong-but-it-bugs-me” way. And now that Adalind is back, Juliette is getting close to her even when everyone in the entire city of Portland is telling her to stay away.

But Adalind is making a comeback, and she’s probably the reason that “Season of the Hexenbiest” succeeds at all. There’s obvious evil plans afoot; she’s got a trick up her sleeve, and this episode is attempting to set them all in motion. She’s driving wedges into Nick’s life, not only with his friends but also his boss Capt. Renard, who is too worried about Nick’s key to worry about his safety. It’ll be interesting to see how the drama plays out, but “Season of the Hexenbiest” is almost too worried about set-up to make for a good mid-season finale. This would probably have been better started in “To Protect and Serve Man” or “The Hour of Death”; in this episode, some of the consequences could have started to play out.

It’s apparent that Grimm is setting up for a half-season of twists; of course, it will be somewhat disappointing if the show continues to fall back on its case-of-the-week basis for the majority of the season. There’s got to be something driving the course of events; Adalind is back, and she should take forefront in these next episodes to craft some obstacle Nick is forced to overcome. And Juliette should be back to normal soon, or else risk a Walking Dead moment like with Sophia.


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