Television Review – Grimm: "Nameless"

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grimm nameless 1

As monsters go, Grimm generally does a good job of creating some unique animal-based creatures. As I commented on in the last episode review of the show, that eye-sucking parasite guy was pretty awesome. “Nameless” follows up with an Internet troll. Now that sounds ridiculous, but it’s not a metaphor for what happens in this episode – the monster, though never referred to as such, is a troll who plays a hardcore online RPG and does sudoku puzzles with lightning speed. Grimm doesn’t even bother to cover that metaphor up a little bit.

This episode suffers from a couple of things. First, the script is much worse than other episodes I can think of in this series. The secondary characters are very broadly painted, and there’s not much holding them together. We don’t even get a suspect until the last third of the show, and that’s a problem because it doesn’t give the audience a chance to respond to the killer.

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Second, the B-plot with Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee is somewhat wasted here because it’s stuck spinning its wheels while Nick is out catching a killer. When Monroe brings up Juliette to Nick at one point in the episode, asking him if he’s been to see her recently, I very nearly forgot that Nick was still giving her some space – and for whatever reason, I found I didn’t care. Juliette’s always been on the sideline; even though she’s Nick’s love and his everything, she’s only there when Grimm needs her to be. The length of this season’s plot arc with her amnesia has been drawn out to silly lengths, and “Nameless” just encourages that with Monroe and Rosalee attempting to help Juliette remember her memories of Nick as she sees them happening in the air in front of her.

The best part of this episode, though, is that Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) actually gets some good screentime here thanks to his puzzle-solving skills and his video game tendencies (we won’t mention the fact that this might be a borderline stereotypical characterization of Asians).It’s nice to see him actually get to do some detective work; normally, he’s just the guy who’s securing the scene of a crime or calling people for Nick and Hank, but he really comes to life in this episode.

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Otherwise, though, there’s not much to say about “Nameless”. It’s got a fairly flat character in its nameless killer, and it’s also too focused on its A-plot to get into too much detail about moving along Juliette’s memory. That plot arc is OVER, as Portlandia‘s Spike might say. (See what I did there? They’re both set in Portland.)


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