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We’re nearing (or at least, I’m nearing) the end of season two, and in “Endangered” and most of “Kiss of the Muse,” Juliette still has yet to recover her memory of Nick. That’s been a frustrating development throughout this season, because Juliette has never been a strong character, their relationship was never very prominent in Grimm, and it feels as though the writes simply wanted to revisit how the two met without resorting to flashbacks or exposition.

But I’ve dealt with it, because for the most part I think Grimm┬áis a unique enough show with good ideas each week, so if it has faltered a little bit trying to further Juliette’s character and give her more to do, I’m okay with that. It’s come to the point, though, where it’s just got to stop, and “Kiss of the Muse” will give us some sort of resolution.

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But before that, we have “Endangered,” a tale about alien-like creatures hunted down because their skin is worth a lot of money. They’re luminescent and glowy, and they look like the traditional aliens you might see in fake Roswell videos. But these are a rare type of wesen that were thought to be extinct, and they’re only trying to repopulate their species while also eating the ovaries of cows.

They mean well, but Nick and the police don’t know it yet. That’s because the two wesen accidentally killed a farmer after attacking a cow, and now they’re on the run from the police and a hunter who wants to harvest their skin. It sounds like a bad time, but Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee get to deliver a baby! Yay!

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“Endangered” isn’t a bad episode, but it isn’t a great one either. It stands in between; it’s similar to other Grimm episodes where wesen get into bad situations and Nick helps them out. As a plot-enhancer, it doesn’t do much, and Hank is absent from this episode.

But “Kiss of the Muse” at least starts to turn things around between Juliette and Nick, except they swap places. Juliette begins to remember Nick because she keeps returning to areas where she’s had vivid encounters with him; one such is the trailer, and she finally believes that he’s a Grimm. Score one for Nick.

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Except for the fact that Nick is wooed by a musai in this episode, a different kind of beast from fairy tales that most resembles a muse. This kind of stops any progress between Nick and Juliette for the time being, because Nick becomes obsessed with the musai and throws punches at anyone who tries to get in his way. But the main thing about this episode is that Nick and Juliette finally realize they love each other again. First a baby, then true love.

“Kiss of the Muse” follows a very similar pattern to Hank’s obsession with Adalind. It’s okay that the show is using the fairy tale themes of true love and all that, but at the same time it’s unfortunate that Grimm focuses on these so close to other episodes. Hopefully, though, after “Kiss of the Muse” Nick and Juliette will be pretty much back to normal, leaving the show to explore another long-running plot device that has nothing to do with people forgetting they love each other.


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