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Scream Factory has released Serial Mom on Blu-Ray as part of its Collector’s Edition series, although its inclusion in that category is somewhat problematic. More on that in a second, though; one of the standout features here is the film’s box art, with a new design from the CRP Group that looks great – and if you purchase within 3 months, you’re guaranteed the slipcover. The original artwork is also available as a reversible sleeve.

This Blu-Ray does not get a new transfer, instead featuring the same HD presentation as a previous Blu-Ray release. That transfer is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, with a 1.85:1 ratio that features quite a bit of detail with a natural grain presence throughout most of the film, though a couple of shots do look a bit rougher. The brightness is a bit muted, but color vibrancy is quite good. Overall I think that Serial Mom could probably benefit from some reworking, but no major complaints. Ultimately, the biggest disappointment with this, however, is a lack of a new transfer.

Audio contains both 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and the 2.0 track; both are good, but the 5.1 track does have a couple of nice moments with the satellite speakers. No issues with either. There’s also an English subtitle option.

The reason I mentioned the problematic Collector’s Edition tag is due to this release’s lack of new special features. Two audio commentaries, one from John Waters and one with Waters and Kathleen Turner are borrowed from the previous Blu-Ray, as are three other featurettes that make up the bulk of the extras. The only new addition for bonus features is a half-hour discussion with Waters, Turner, and Mink Stole that is, admittedly, delightful to watch. All three are excited and enthusiastic about Serial Mom, and Waters sports his usual flare; this is a very entertaining extra, though not quite a selling point for those who already own this film.

Unfortunately, this Scream Factory release does feel a bit inadequate compared to some of their other Collector’s Edition releases, and I’m not sure that the one additional extra is worth the inflated price point with an old transfer and mostly recycled special features.

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SERIAL MOM Review (Scream Factory Blu-Ray)
Special Features/Quality/Packaging6.5
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The Good
Often a darkly comic film
New bonus feature is half hour of entertainment
The Bad
Scream Factory has recycled a lot of old bonus material
No new transfer
Very Good
Serial Mom is often hilarious, a dark comedy with a lot of wit and a healthy dose of subtext about true crime and unhealthy fascination with serial killers. This Blu-Ray from Scream Factory features a lot of recycled material, including an old transfer, and it's difficult to recommend spending the money if you're double-dipping.
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