Severin Films has been on a role of late with their releasing schedule (Wild Beasts and The Survivor recently hitting shelves, along with Intervision’s Murderlust) and they’re not stopping in April. Cathy’s Curse, the Canadian horror film from 1977 about a possessed young girl, is getting a Blu-Ray release April 11 courtesy of the company.

You can see from the order listing that it will get awesome cover artwork, two film cuts, and a number of new features available on both Blu-Ray and DVD.

Along with Cathy’s Curse is a new Intervision Picture Corp. release: Dream Stalker, with bonus film Death by LoveDream Stalker is an SOV film directed by Christopher Mills, who is better known for his work in the sound department. Death by Love is included as a bonus feature, an obscure film in its own right. Bonus features include Skype interviews and an interview with Mark Dias.

Both will be getting releases April 11, so look out for them soon!


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