As has been presumed previously in many, many posts about The Babadook and Scream Factory, the company officially announced their partnership with IFC Midnight to release the film with a special edition Blu-Ray and a standard edition Blu-Ray or DVD.

The Special Edition release will feature a limited run pop-up package, a nice tie-in with the film, as well as deleted scenes from the film and an inclusion of director Jennifer Kent’s short film “Monster.” Also included:

  •  Cast and Crew interviews and a look behind-the-scenes of the making of The Babadook:
  •  Creating The Book with illustrator Alex Juhasz
  •  A Tour of the House Set
  •  The Stunts: Jumping the stairs
  •  Special Effects: The Stabbing Scene

The standard edition will have the theatrical trailer as well as the behind-the-scenes making-of.

Pre-order now from Shout! Factory.


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