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Synapse Films has chosen to release This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse on DVD, and that’s probably for the best. While some will be upset that this is not getting the same Blu-Ray treatment as Embodiment of Evil, there’s no real reason to give the film a higher-def scan – the DVD highlights the poor quality of the 35mm negative scan, which seems to have quite a bit of damage. That means the video quality is a bit rough, but also understandable given the age and lack of preservation. Audio is presented in mono and sounds very good as well despite the obvious film damage. There are subtitles in English for the Portuguese dialogue.

Synapse Films has gathered a surprising number of special features for this release, including an 8 minute interview with Marins about This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse specifically and another 7 minute interview with him about his life’s work and discussion of his wives (different from what is included on At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, though from the same interview session). Also available is an introduction to the film.

There’s a 25 minute vintage featurette about Mojica and his Coffin Joe films, which is in rough condition but pretty interesting. There’s also a short tour of Mojica’s Coffin Joe museum highlighting all of his interesting movie props, including Predator statues (?). Finally, trailers and photo galleries round out this release.

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This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse isn't perfect due to its lengthy running time and lingering scenes, but it's an inventive continuation of the Coffin Joe series that fans will certainly enjoy. This Synapse Films DVD is right in line with the first release and offers a similar trove of extras.
The Good
Inventive sequel with Coffin Joe, including stylish color sequence
Good quality and surprising amount of bonus content
The Bad
Plodding pace at times with overlong dialogue scenes
Very Good
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