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The latest horror story to get its TV treatment happens to be Washington Irving’s iconic character the Headless Horseman, except this time, the dude who roams Sleepy Hollow looking for his head carries a machine gun and terrorizes the 21st century instead of the 1800s.

Yes, this is a far cry from the original plot of Irving’s story, but give it a chance. The science fiction approach means teens and people who stay away from literature (pronunced “lit-er-a-toor”, you know, like some French artiste) can get into the Headless Horseman’s ride of depravity without having to actually pick up a book. And FOX is banking on the fact that Irving’s plot is heavily reinterpreted because Sleepy Hollow features an African-American female, and that might cause some strife with Ichabod Crane’s worldview from the 18th century. You know, because history is more fun when you have a drama about prejudices and stuff.

sleepy hollow 1From the pictures and previews of the show, it looks like Sleepy Hollow will alternate between 18th century and present, so there’ll be a lot of costumes and misty English villages as well as crime drama lighting for the 21st century. The show will also get to poke fun at the differences in style, from then and now, and I expect there to be an introductory sequence where both Ichabod Crane and Abbie wonder who the hell the weirdo is standing in front of them.

FOX doesn’t always do dramas well (The Following being a prime example of how hit-or-miss shows can be), but here’s hoping that Sleepy Hollow reimagines the Headless Horseman in an eerie but successful light. Either that, or we’ll all be doomed to look for a conclusion that’ll never be found if Sleepy Hollow gets canceled.

Sleepy Hollow airs tonight at 9PM on FOX.


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