MAYBE IT'S MAYOWEEN: Maynard Morrissey of HORROR MOVIE DIARY reviews Trick 'r Treat!

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Maynard Morrisey of the excellent Horror Movie Diary decided to tackle a new cult Halloween favorite for Mayoween – Trick ‘r Treat. Join him as he explores what happens when people don’t obey the spirit of Halloween – or Mayoween for that matter… 

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trick r treat

German Title:
Trick ‘r Treat – Die Nacht der Schrecken = Trick ‘r Treat – The Night of Horrors

USA, 2007/2009
Director: Michael Dougherty


trick r treat 2
Yes, Carpenter’s “Halloween” is the best Halloween-themed horror film ever made, but in terms of capturing the very essence of the Halloween spirit [or should I say Mayoween-Spirit ;-D], it’s nowhere near as great as “Trick ‘r Treat”, the fantastic directorial debut of Michael Dougherty (screenwriter of “X-Men 2”, “Superman Returns” and *yuck* “Urban Legends 3”).

“Trick ‘r Treat” is a stunningly impressive, highly clever and totally unique quasi-anthology, weaving together various events that happen on Halloween night, all centering around “Sam”, a mysterious little creature that wears orange pajamas and a burlap sack over his head.

trick r treat 2

Everything about this movie is adorable, everything. It’s tense and thrilling, but also fabulously entertaining and wonderfully amusing, well-written and very well developed. Each story contains one or several super-cool and completely unforeseeable plot twists, a few ace jump scares and some of the coolest, eeriest and most gorgeous set pieces / sceneries I’ve ever seen. Hell, the whole look of the movie… AWESOME!! Tons of badass pumpkins, terrific fog, amazing costumes, Halloween parades, Halloween decorations etc. etc.

The acting is very solid and nearly every single character is just cool, most notably one-time actress Samm Todd as lovely Halloween-geek Rhonda, Dylan Baker as extremely insane principal, Anna Paquin as weird “virgin” and Brian Cox as grumpy Halloween-hater.
Camera work and cinematography by Glen MacPherson (“Resident Evil 4 & 5”) are simply excellent, Douglas Pipes’ (“Monster House”) 80s/90s-like score is rousing and playful, and the editing is just great.

Highlights: the school bus massacre flashback, grumpy old man vs. Sam, fat kid puking to death, the blazing pumpkin in the bedroom, the garden decapitation, the werewolf transformation, the glorious opening credits and the haunting little scene where Rhonda meets Sam.

A modern classic and certainly one of the best horror anthologies ever made. Perfect for Halloween and Mayoween 🙂

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Oh, I forgot to mention how awesome the opening credits are:


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  • Great post on a great, new classic! I remember the year this came out and I was searched EVERYWHERE for it. With no luck. Finally ended up with it on like November 1st or 2nd. Now, it is a Halloween-night staple along with the Carpenter’s Halloween. Love the atmosphere of the whole thing!