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This package is probably one of the best releases that Blue Underground has put out so far, so any fan of Fulci films will certainly want to pick this up. Manhattan Baby gets a three-disc release in a thick Blu-Ray box, including new artwork, a Blu-Ray, a DVD version of the film, and the score on CD. Along with that is a pull-out booklet featuring an essay on Fulci’s filmography that does specifically address Manhattan Baby. The package itself is well worth the money, but let’s get to the extras.

First of all, the film itself looks good with Blue Underground’s new 2k scan. While the color palette seems slightly muted, the rest of the footage looks very good, and there’s not much damage to the print itself besides particular scenes that have debris on the top and bottom of the letterbox. The audio is presented in either 5.1 DTS HD or DTS-HD Mono; I will say that the 5.1 track didn’t seem to make much use of the rest of the speakers, and it’s mostly centralized to the front speakers, and most people will want to simply opt for the mono.

The special features itself are the real draw, though, including a 56 minute interview with composer Fabio Frizzi – who seems to be the most important aspect of this release from Blue Underground – a shorter interview with Cinieri, a live studio performance by Frizzi, and an interview with Stephen Thrower, film critic and author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci. Overall, I’d estimate the extras make up a solid two hours of bonus content, and that’s not including the CD that Blue Underground has included.

As stated before, collectors of Fulci films or Manhattan Baby lovers (most likely very few, but I’m sure there are some) will absolutely want to pick up this collector’s edition. Those wary of Fulci’s works, however, may want to research the film a bit more before giving this the greenlight for purchase.

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Lucio Fulci's Manhattan Baby is a conflicting horror film about an ancient curse and its effects on the children of two very career-driven parents; however, it's often quite messy despite its more coherent plotting. Blue Underground has done a good job with this 2k scan that's not without its flaws, but the real draw is the extra content for this 3-disc release.
The Good
Lucio Fulci's direction is more coherent than past films
Solid special effects work
Tons of extras including a CD of the film score
The Bad
Flaws in the film print itself
Very slow, plodding plot
Audio doesn't make much use of 5.1 surround
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