Redemption Film’s Blu-Ray sports good video quality, though it may be hard to tell based on all of the various visual effects Mai-chan’s Daily Life: The Movie employs throughout the film. The audio is very good as well, and Mai-chan features a nice soundtrack composed by yuqwe.

The extras on this release are rather limited, though, so don’t expect man bonus features. Primarily, the attraction for Mai-chan’s Daily Life: The Movie is that this disc has the director’s cut, which clocks at 63 minutes instead of the original 55-minute runtime. Other than that, there is a trailer and a thirty-minute behind-the-scenes feature that documents the making of the film. It’s a homemade feature that contains some pretty funny clips, bloopers, and short interviews, and it’s worth a watch for fans of the film.

Mai-chan's Daily Life: The Movie manages to adapt some of Uziga's alluring guro manga to screen
Mai-chan's Daily Life: The Movie is certainly not a perfect film, but it does get some of the tone of guro manga right. It's not as explicit as Category III, but the gore effects are pretty good. Still, the lack of special features means only fans of the film will want to grab this release.
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