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Vestron Video has released The Lair of the White Worm on Blu-Ray as part of their collector’s series, and this comes in the same style of packaging with a slipcover and original cover artwork. The video is a widescreen transfer with similar quality to the rest of Vestron’s recent releases; that means that it is not without its flaws. The overall image looks rather good with no damage to speak of, with some noticeable blocky grain; however, the biggest issue is the lack of clarity in scene backgrounds, which often become blurry and noticeable with distance shots

Interestingly enough, despite some of the press listing a 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio track, the only one included for the film is a 2.0 track. Overall, though, it’s a solid offering with some nice low end and good dialogue volume, and I found no problems with the audio on this release.

Moving on to the special features, Vestron has managed to put together some excellent interviews with cast and crew. The biggest offerings are two audio commentaries, one with director Ken Russell and one with Lisi Russell in conversation with film historian Matthew Melia; both of these give good insight into the film itself, but the recommended listen is with Ken Russell himself.

The rest of the extras include new interviews. The first is a nearly 30-minute look at the special effects work for the film, including interviews with the SFX artists discussing the making of the worm and the snake vampires. A 10 minute interview with editor Peter Davies is also included, where he talks about working with Russell and some problems that arose on set (and how he overcame them). Finally, an interview with Sammi Davis finds the actress talking about her time on set, working for Russell, and her ability to play the good-girl character Mary.

A Trailers from Hell feature with producer Dan Ireland gives some more insight into the film including Hugh Grant’s embarrassment with the film, and trailers and still gallery round out the package. It’s a surprising number of features for this flick, amounting to nearly an hour of interviews and more if you include the audio commentaries, and certainly worth a buy.

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Vestron Video has released a nice package for The Lair of the White Worm that includes a good transfer and a number of interviews and audio commentaries. And the film itself is nothing to hiss at.
The Good
Film is a mix of fun, nudity, snakes, and Hugh Grant
Nice HD transfer
Host of special features and commentaries
The Bad
Film is not what some non-horror fans would consider "good"
Image quality lacks depth, sometimes soft picture
Very Good
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