jeepers creepers 2 blu-ray
Jeepers Creepers 2 adds bodies and gore, but it can't match the visceral scares of the original
Ultimately, Jeepers Creepers 2 is an inferior sequel to a mediocre film, and there's definitely an exponential increase in the amount of cheese Salva infuses into the series.
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The Good
More bodies and more violence despite a stagnant setting
Ray Wise is pretty awesome with a truck-mounted harpoon gun
Tons of special features and good video quality
The Bad
Scares are few and far between, with the film centering more on goofiness
Less new features than the first film's release

Jeepers Creepers 2 review

It took Victor Salva only two years to revisit his Creeper character, this time carrying over the desolate roadside setting and adding a bigger body count with a schoolbus full of teenage football players and their three cheerleaders. The original film found tension in the intimacy of the situation, with both Justin Long and Gina Philips remaining the primary target of the Creeper throughout. Jeepers Creepers 2, though, expands the Creeper’s mythology and explores different thematic territory even while remaining largely the same; the film becomes more complex, with Salva juggling two different subplots – the kids on the bus, and a father looking to get revenge after the Creeper kidnaps his son – to varying degrees of success.

The character expansion is both a blessing and a curse for this sequel. Salva has a lot more people for the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) to play with, and most of the time they happen to include shirtless teen boys sporting brawn, charisma, but not a lot of brain. It allows Jeepers Creepers 2 to do some development of characters and address the heavy-handed gay and racially-charged themes throughout the film, and Salva’s script emphasizes the harsh realities of being black or gay – or even suspected as gay – in high school. But these aren’t particularly strong scenarios, and a lot of the film’s script boils down to unlikable people yelling at each other about inane things that don’t really make sense in the situation – that situation being a flying ancient monster threatening to eat them to steal their organs.

Scotty (Eric Nenninger), the film’s presumed lead, is a wholly unlikable jerk, a person that most of the audience will root against because of his racist, sexist, homophobic behaviors. And Salva wavers around who the main character actually is, lacking a focal point for the audience; by treating each of the characters as relative equals, Salva misses out on developing atmosphere and pathos as he did in Jeepers Creepers.

In fact, there’s nothing within this sequel that’s as effective as the first film’s opening moments. Here again, Salva gets too close to his Creeper character, centering on his facial expressions and some slight black comedy rather than his eerie presence; Jeepers Creepers 2 takes the worst moments of the first film, like the kung-fu antics the Creeper pulls out in the final act, and amplifies it tenfold. Now the Creeper has homemade throwing stars to whip through cornfields, and he jump fifteen feet into the air despite lacking limbs.

jeepers creepers 2 review 1Salva seems to be having some fun at his owncreature’s expense, and in some ways, that creates some fun – Jeepers Creepers 2, as a sequel, adopts the same mantra as most other horror sequels: if you can’t make it as scary as the first film, go for gags and gore instead. Still, the messy setup and grating character traits hinder scenes that could have had more impact.

Ray Wise, though, really shines as Jack Taggart Sr., a farmer who pursues the Creeper after he kidnaps his young son. Besides the shades of ickiness that this scenario produces given the prior sexual crimes of the film’s director, the storyline provides strong motivation for Taggart and makes for some great moments in the film’s last act. Wise is chewing scenery here, and Salva trades spooks for ridiculousness when Taggart produces a truck-mounted harpoon gun that attempts to reel the Creeper in like a flying shark.

Ultimately, though, Jeepers Creepers 2 is an inferior sequel to a mediocre film, and there’s definitely an exponential increase in the amount of cheese Salva infuses into the series. The Creeper is a flawed monster through and through, an often contradictory entity that the two movies never fully explain; Jeepers Creepers 2 does little more than add fodder for the monster, a poor copy of a formula that worked previously. It’s kind of like doubling the ingredients in a recipe and hoping the end result turns out the same as a single batch – the batch in question happens to include young rippling teens, and the end result isn’t nearly as tasty.

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