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Facebook has gotten really ad-crazy with their demands for Fan Pages to promote their posts or just deal with only a few views. But they have implemented a way for fans to be notified whenever a page posts an update. Here’s how.

First, if you haven’t liked the page, please do so now! It’s one of the only ways I’m able to stay in contact with people who don’t necessarily feel like checking the blog every day. So any giveaway news will be posted on the Facebook page multiple times.

See the button that says “Liked” or “Like”? Hover over that, and you should get a highlighted blue box with a drop down screen, like this.

On yours,  “Get notifications” probably won’t be checked. Do so now, and it will alert you whenever The Moon is a Dead World posts and update to Facebook in your notifications, like this.

Now you will always be up-to-date!


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