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Twilight Time’s Blu-Ray release of Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte features a fantastic HD transfer of the film. The black-and-white footage looks great, and as stated in the film review, the chiaroscuro really pops thanks to this release. There are two audio options on this release; one is a 2.0 DTS-HD MA track, and the other is the standard 1.0 DTS-HD track. Both sound very good, and quite honestly I prefer the mono track over the 2.0.

There are also three other audio tracks on this disc; one’s the isolated film score, another includes audio commentary from film historians David Del Valle and Steven Peros, and the last is commentary from film historian Glenn Erickson. These are great additions to this release with a lot of extra info about this film and others by Aldrich, Davis, and more.

Three featurettes are also included. One is a making-of called “Hush… Hush, Sweet Joan: The Making of Charlotte” poking fun at Crawford with the title, another is an interview with Bruce Dern (John Mayhew in the film), and the final is a vintage short called “Wizard Work.”All told, about 40 minutes of extra features here, with theatrical trailer and TV spots also included.

Finally, the package also features an insert essay from Julie Kirgo, as always an excellent edition to this Twilight Time release.

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Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte is a slow southern Gothic with a lot of heart as long as viewers have patience through its lengthy middle portion. Twilight Time has done a great job with this transfer, including an image that pops and a series of extras (most previously available) that add depth to this release.
The Good
Soapy southern gothic
Solid special features and great image
The Bad
Most special features previously available
Film's slow middle
Very Good



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