Frankenstein and the Monster from HellĀ is a Hammer Horror film from 1974 starring Peter Cushing and Madeline Smith. Like most Hammer films, it generated some pretty cool poster artwork – firstly, take a look at the featured image above.

That’s complete with a hulking Frankenstein monster, a drippy eyeball hanging from a string, and the titular scientist getting ready to shoot up heroin inject his test subject to infuse him with life. Regardless of the fact that the Frankenstein monster in the film looks very little like the poster monster, this is a cool, decidedly Hammer-esque representation of the source material, and it certainly should pique viewers’ interests in the film.

Likewise, there’s also this exciting one-shot:

This is a better representation of the Frankenstein monster, and it’s also got a cool effect wherein the moon creates the lighted facade of the monster on the hilltop. It’s moody and still encapsulates the horror aspect while still maintaining the important point that, yes, there are women in peril in this film.

Have you seenĀ Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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