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Teen Wolf: Season 3 Part 2

teen wolf 3 part 2

This collects episodes 13 through 24 of Teen Wolf.

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The Machine

the machine

“ says: This British-made scifier is excellent. In the near future a pair of researchers are completing development of the world’s first truly autonomous artificial intelligence, called “Ava” (played by Caity Lotz, “Black Canary” of TV’s “Arrow”). Once housed in a nearly-impregnable robot body, their employers, the Ministry of Defense, swoop in and start a brutal training regimen to turn her into a merciless killing machine. The childlike Ava cannot resist, so the scientists band together to save their creation and Mankind’s future in the process.”

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Joyride 3: Roadkill

joyride 3

“A group of hotheaded street racers are on their way to the Road Rally 1000. As they drive through a desolate shortcut on the way to the race, a man starts tracking, teasing and torturing them until the end of the road.”

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Almost Human

almost human

“Two years ago, Mark Fisher disappeared from his home in rural Maine in a brilliant flash of otherworldly blue light. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive. Now, Seth is having disturbing premonitions that Mark has returned as something other than human. When grisly, violent murders start taking place in the community, Seth and his girlfriend Jen soon discover that Mark is indeed back, and that there is something terribly evil inside of him. Unbearably tense, director Joe Begos s ALMOST HUMAN is a chilling, frenetic, and brutal story of survival in the face of unknown terror.”

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Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector


“Over 100 collectors, filmmakers, producers, and video store owners express how VHS changed their lives. Some see VHS as worthless plastic, but Adjust Your Tracking shows a vibrant world of collectors and movie fans who are keeping the format, and the movies, alive. Travel back to the days of video rental stores with those who still buy, sell, rent and trade the format that will not die – VHS.”

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The Monkey’s Paw

the monkeys paw

“After Jake Tilton (C.J.Thomason, Sutures) acquires a mystical monkey’s paw talisman that grants its possessor three wishes, he finds his world turned upside-down after his first two wishes result in his malevolent coworker, Tony Cobb (Stephen Lang, Avatar), being resurrected from the dead. When Cobb pressures Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation quickly escalates into relentless murder: forcing Jake to outwit his psychotic friend and save his remaining loved ones. Also starring Corbin Bleu (High School Musical, Nurse 3D), Charles S. Dutton (Legion), Michelle Pierce (NCIS) and Daniel Hugh Kelley (Cujo), The Monkey’s Paw is adapted from the renowned short story by W.W. Jacobs, and picks up where the short story left off.”

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13 Sins

13 sins

“Elliot (Mark Webber, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) is a bright but meek social services coordinator, drowning in debt and desperate because he’s about to marry the love of his life (Rutina Wesley, HBO’s True Blood). Upon receiving a cryptic phone call informing him that he’s on a hidden camera game show where he must execute 13 tasks, Elliot learns he will be on his way to winning a multimillion dollar cash prize if he quickly follows through with his first two instructions: swat the fly that is currently bothering him and then eat the fly. Although thousands of dollars are suddenly appearing in his bank account, Elliot remains suspicious, though comforted by the knowledge that he can stop playing at any time if only to lose every penny that he’s won. As he leaves a path of destruction behind him and runs away from the law (Ron Perlman, Hellboy), Elliot’s need to complete the game escalates as the tasks grow increasingly sinister, to a devastating point of no return.”

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Blood Soaked

blood soaked

“A freshman on her first day of college is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sleepless night in the New Mexico desert. But this newly formed lesbian couple’s first day together is violently interrupted by a pair of orphaned sisters with a taste for kidnapping, torture and the creation of flesh-eating zombies in their underground bunker! As they fight for their lives and attempt escape, the couple uncovers the sister’s terrifying plan for a Fourth Reich army of the dead. Now, only the couple’s wits and survival skills will save them from this undead Nazi nightmare. Featuring music by Eternal of Wu-Tang Killa Beez.”

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Rise of the Dinosaurs

rise of the dinosaurs

“Commando squad reflects a hostage at the hands of terrorist Marquez, but their helicopter is shot down and falls into unexplored valleys. How quickly it is inhabited by dinosaurs, for which soldiers are tasty morsel.”

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Invasion of the Scream Queens

invasion scream

“20th Anniversary Edition. First time on DVD! Invasion of the Scream Queens takes you back to a time when the term “”Scream Queen”” was brand new and promised the hottest actresses in the best horror movies. Directed by cult horror icon Donald Farmer (Demon Queen, Savage Vengeance) and featuring interviews with legendary Scream Queens Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens, Mary Woronov, Melissa Moore, Elizabeth Kaitan and many more. Get an inside look at what it takes to be a scream queen and hear the behind-the-scenes stories about the making of some of the most classic horror films of our time, including The Hills Have Eyes, I Spit on Your Grave, Slumber Party Massacre, and many more. All the babes, the boobs and the blood are on full display here in this classic, rare document from the heyday of horror, available for the first time ever on DVD and packed with special features.”

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Night of the Cobra Woman

night of cobra

“From legendary producer Roger Corman comes a drive-in horror classic! After being bitten by a very unusual cobra, a beautiful nurse (MARLENE CLARK) can turn herself into a snake and remain eternally young. However,
to keep her youthful exterior, the cursed priestess requires a steady supply of venom — and lusty young men at her beck and call to steal their youth! But trouble occurs when she falls for the boyfriend of a beautiful snake expert (JOY BANG), and he brings along a pet eagle. Can she make a choice between a mortal male and her cobra god Movini ? Now watch this long-unavailable cult classic from a brand new HD master from the original vault elements!”

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House of Mortal Sin

Baseball Buster

“A troubled young girl goes to confession at the local church. Unfortunately, the sexually frustrated priest she confesses to becomes obsessed with her. At first, the priest stalks the girl, but later it is revealed that he will stop at nothing, including blackmail and murder, just to get close to her.”

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Storm of the Century/The Shadows/Sheltered

storm century

“Storm of the Century

From legendary horror writer Stephen King comes this Emmy®-winning mini-series where a little island meets a big storm in a face-off of epic proportions. When a murder shakes the town of Little Tall, the local constable (Tim Daly) must stop the evil that is growing as quickly as the blizzard.

The Shadows
Stranded on a remote island when their boat crashes, five friends seek refuge in a rickety lighthouse. It’s already dark, so rescue is out of the question until morning. Their accommodations are by no means five-star, but at least they have shelter—which may come in handy when a strange woman shows up rambling a frightening warning about the nightmare outside.

On the eve of a massive storm, Joey, an awkward but straight-laced bartender, offers a group of vacationers refuge at his house. As the storm wreaks havoc outside, the group slowly discovers why they’ve been invited to the house, just how disturbed their host is, and that they’ll have to fight a crazed killer if they ever want to see the light of dawn.”

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The Occupants

the occupants

“Lucy has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won’t let her be. She has dedicated her life to helping families “”break the cycle”” of abuse, so when she and her husband Wade see the echoes of a violent family tragedy in their home, Lucy tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on. She finds, however, that these ghosts don’t want her help — they want to lead Lucy and her family to their doom.”

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A Measure of the Sin

a measure

“Every childhood is normal…to the child who lives it. For Meredith that means an enchanted seclusion that is shattered when she is deprived of her mother. Desperate and alone, Meredith must join a household with other women and their children, a sinister man who controls every facet of her existence, and a vicious bear that only she can see.”

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Alpha Alert

alpha alert

“Three soldiers get trapped in an elevator when terrorists set off a dirty bomb. But when one escapes, her world turns upside down as she realizes nothing is what it seems.”

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“17-year-old Gillian takes a job as a counselor at a remote summer camp. As part of her initiation, she must spend two nights by herself on the camp island, an intimidating collision of rock and wilderness carved out of the lake, supposedly haunted by the ghost of a camper who disappeared suspiciously decades before. When her solo is interrupted by a local man responding to a distress call, what was meant to be a peaceful time alone in nature devolves into something disturbingly different. As her paranoia mounts, a horrifying secret is uprooted and Gillian finds herself in a desperate fight to survive.”

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Zombie Apocalypse

zombie apocalypse

“Staggering out of fiction and into a frightening new reality are the living dead zombies. Join scientists and self-styled zombie preppers as they explore the probability and impact a zombie plague would have in the real world. Plus, Apocalypse How will explore the many other ways in which the human race could meet its end. Four different episodes and four different perspectives explore the fact and fiction of flesh-eating monsters and what it would take to prepare for them. In this almost three-hour collection, we ll venture to edge of reality and back to be sure we re ready for the unthinkable. Are you?”

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Home Before Midnight

home before midnight

“A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen. Her parents take action against him.”

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Wrath of the Crows

wrath of the crows

“In a dirty, squalid narrow jail, prisoners are forced to suffer injustices both from their guards and the ruling officer. Feared by all, however, is a man nobody there has ever seen -The Judge. When new prisoner Princess arrives, seemingly out of nowhere and dressed only in a crow’s feathers coat, her radiating and sensual appearance begins to cause not only curiosity but also envy, suspicion and a deep sexual agitation. Soon, Princess reveals her dark and supernatural nature, moving objects through the power of her mind and displaying feats of otherworldly strength.”

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Paranormal South West: Eye of the Phoenix

paranormal south west

“Explore Paranormal Enigmas and Anomalies in the vast American Southwest. Having witnessed sacred Hopi ceremonies and rock art, researcher Gary David discusses little known aspects of the Four Corners region. Mr. David has done extensive research revealing a global culture existed in pre-Columbian times and profoundly influenced the dynamics of daily life in the South West region. In this presentation you’ll hear about: Ant People, Snake People, Dog Star People, Sedona Sanskrit, Arizona Knights Templar Crosses, Reptilian Round Towers, Frontier Freemasonry, Meteor Crater, Hopi Kachinas, Golden Mean Spirals, Stone Tablets, End Times and more.”

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Dark Souls

dark souls

“The hit horror film! A young girl is jogging in the woods when she’s suddenly attacked by a man in an orange jumpsuit. Her assailant drills a hole in her skull and leaves her for dead. When the police call the girl’s father to ask him to identify his daughter’s body in the morgue, he tells them that she has just walked in and is sitting in front of her PC. But there’s something seriously wrong with her. Black oil is flowing from her eyes and the only message she’s able to type on her screen is one long cry for help. And she’s not alone. All over town, people are attacked by men in orange jumpsuits with electrical drills. The victims all suffer from the same symptoms, with their bodies slowly disintegrating in front of their loved ones. Frustrated with the lack of results from the local police, the father takes it on himself to investigate the attacks and where he begins to uncover the government’s secret behind the assaults. (Norwegian language with English subtitles)”

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Blood of the Virgins


“Sometime in 19th century Argentina, the mysterious Gustavo spoils Ofelia’s wedding night by turning her into his vampire bride. Fast forward to the Swinging Sixties, where a group of hip teenagers foolishly spend the night at an old lodge that is reputed to be haunted. While their leader, Raul, is seduced by Ofelia, Gustavo spirits the group’s female contingent away. When one of the girls, Laura, later re-appears on Raul’s hotel room balcony in a state of shock, and displaying clear signs of vampiric malaise, Raul sends for her brother, Tito. Tito decides that a return visit to the old lodge is the only way they will discover what is really wrong with Laura.”

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Haunted Earth Double Feature: Cathnafola and Leap Into Darkness

haunted earth

“Paranormal investigations double feature! “Cathnafola” starts when acclaimed paranormal investigator Chris Halton of Haunted Earth UK receives footage of a night vigil taken by three teenagers at the ruins of Cathnafola House in the Republic of Ireland. Intrigued, Halton sets out to research the bloody history of Cathnafola and its former inhabitants. Halton’s own night time investigation at the infamous ruins yields terrifying and disturbing revelations. Bonus film “Leap Into Darkness” sees Chris Halton and his Haunted Earth UK paranormal investigation team investigating the paranormal tales that abound at the notoriously haunted Leap Castle in the Irish Republic.”

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