Notable DVD releases for the coming Tuesday. Selections are subject to Blu-Ray release as well.The Wicker Man: The Final Cut

“When a young girl mysteriously vanishes, Police Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate. But the seemingly quiet community is not as it appears, as the detective uncovers a secretive pagan society led by the strange Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee). While the townsfolk tempt and threaten him with bizarre rituals and wanton lust, Howie must race to discover the truth behind the girl’s disappearance before his clash with Lord Summerisle builds to a terrifying conclusion – one that has cemented this cult shocker as a modern horror masterpiece.”

We Are What We Are

“The Parkers, a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, keep to themselves, and for good reason. As they struggle to keep their ancestral customs intact, local authorities begin to uncover clues that bring them closer to the secret that they have held closely for so many years.”

Big Ass Spider!

“An exterminator (Greg Grunberg) and his Hispanic sidekick (Lombardo Boyar) are caught in an epic battle when a military assault fails to contain a giant alien spider rampaging through the city of Los Angeles.”


“Sylvia Kristel, of Emmanuelle fame, stars in this revenge thriller in which a gang of wealthy bastards break into peaceful homes and torture the women while forcing their husbands to watch in pain. Inspector van der Walk (Bryan Marshall) a strong-willed police cop, is determined to make them pay for their awful crimes but the members of the gang are bounded by an oath that is linked in some unpredictable ways to some high ranking people in the upper echelon of the Dutch society. Thus begins a painstaking quest for truth and to make sure that the ruthless gang is put behind bars. But van der Walk has to play against all odds…”

Evil Come, Evil Go/Oh! You Beautiful Doll/Widow Blue

“Few filmmakers were as bold, daring and bizarre as Walt Davis, the enigmatic auteur behind some of the wildest films to come out of Hollywood.

In EVIL COME, EVIL GO (1972), traveling Evangelist preacher, Sister Sarah Jane (Cleo O’Hara), is hellbent on ridding the world of evil, sex-obsessed men. Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, she quickly befriends a gullible young woman and the two embark on a mad killing spree.

Cleo O’Hara returns in OH! YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL (1974), an almost surreal blend of madcap improvisation and low-rent thrills as over-the-hill film starlet Gaye Ramon lounges around her cluttered Hollywood home, conning innocent men into taking her acting courses. Meanwhile, a con-artist photographer manipulates beautiful hippies into revealing poses.

Finally, WIDOW BLUE (1970), Featuring an all-star cast, among them John Holmes and Sandy Dempsey, as well as gore effects straight out of H.G. Lewis playbook, WIDOW BLUE is a demented masterpiece which is coming to home video fully uncut for the very first time!”

Abduction of an American Playgirl + Winter Heat

“In ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL (1975), two lonely men kidnap a beautiful woman, but much to their surprise, she loves every minute of it! Next up, WINTER HEAT (1976). In this notorious roughy, a group of ex-cons terrorize and abuse a trio of helpless young women who are held hostage in a snowbound cabin. Special Feature: Theatrical Trailer For ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL.”

Cape Fear (1960’s Best of the Decade) [Blu-Ray]

“A lawyer’s family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail.”

Judy + The Night Hustlers

“In JUDY (1969), a killer is on the loose, terrorizing working girls in Boston’s seedy ‘combat zone.’ Will a rogue ex-detective solve the mystery before more buxom beauties meet an unfortunate demise? Next up, THE NIGHT HUSTLERS (1968). In this Florida lensed oddity, a group of vice cops trade stories of their sleazy busts.”

The Happy House

“Their relationship on the rocks, a young Brooklyn couple heads to a remote bed & breakfast to work things out. But from the moment they arrive at The Happy House it s one disaster after another, and they soon begin to suspect they ve wandered into a real life horror movie. Events escalate from weird to terrifying as they contend with the house s batty owner, her imposing son, a moody Swedish lepidopterist, a pedantic English professor, an extraordinarily rare butterfly, the world s best blueberry muffins, a .44 Magnum, a demented serial killer, and one very strict rulebook.”

Erotic Blackmail

“From the darkest underbelly of European erotic cinema comes this seedy tale of a couple whose pleasures involves swinging with other couples, money and blackmail. When Hugo and Valerie invite Max and Dauphine over for a short vacation in the country, they do not realize that they are being played by the couple. But there are more people that want to join in the fun. Etienne and his friend Julien do not accept any longer to just watch as silent bystanders from the outside in: they want to be in the midst of the action. Therefore, once alone in the villa, they take advantage of the situation and attack Valerie and Dauphine while both their husbands are absent. But who’s the really victim and who’s playing who?”

The Amityville Asylum

“Thirty years after the infamous DeFeo murders in Amityville, New York, the long-since demolished, legendary haunted house has been replaced with the High Hopes Psychiatric Hospital. But all is not well with this Amityville Asylum, as newly hired staffer Lisa Templeton begins to experience supernatural encounters. Her reports to the hospital administrators are unheeded, and the dark forces affecting the site grow stronger. Nothing seems to stop the evil spirits, and Lisa is soon fighting for her life. Can anyone escape the horror that controls the Amityville Asylum?”

The Woodsman

“What happened to Mauro in the forest during that three day period has remained a mystery until the recent discovery of this footage footage that was likely stolen from a government office in Belize. This is the terrifying story of a man searching for a dream, only to find a living, breathing nightmare. This is the story of Mr. Bosque s ill-fated, final adventure. Some things should remain a mystery.”

3 Wicked Witches

“Three college friends reunite for their 25th reunion, and revenge is the order of day. Donna’s teen-age daughter died during a hazing prank and Donna has proof that frat guys are responsible. They dabble in the occult, use their powers, conjure up a demonic clown doll to punish the guilty, but there are always consequences when one makes a deal with the devil!”


“A seminary student discovers his bloodline is sought by evil.”


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