Horror releases on Blu-Ray and DVD for May 17. Click the title to go to the film’s Amazon listing.

The Witch [Blu-Ray]

the witch

“A devoutly Christian family in 1630s New England, struggles to survive living along the edge of a vast wilderness. When one of their five children goes missing and their life-sustaining crops fail, they fall victim to paranoia and fear as they begin to turn on one another.”

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I Saw What You Did [Scream Factory Blu-Ray]

i saw what you did

“It starts as a game…and there’s no end in FRIGHT!

A simple prank call turns into a night of person-to-person terror in I Saw What You Did, a movie that dials up the suspense.

Teenagers Libby and Kit have found a new way to entertain themselves: by calling up random strangers and tormenting them with a warning: “I saw what you did, and I know who you are. “, But when a man who has recently murdered his wife becomes their latest victim, the tables are quickly turned…and this wrong number may mean that their number is up.

Joan Crawford (What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, Trog) and John Ireland are among the stars in this chiller produced and directed by the legendary Master of the Macabre, William Castle (House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, Strait-Jacket).”

Hired to Kill [Arrow Video Blu-Ray]

hired to kill


Starring legendary actors Oliver Reed (Gladiator, The Brood), Academy Award Winner George Kennedy (The Delta Force, Cool Hand Luke, The Naked Gun series) and Academy Award Winner Jose Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac, Dune, Lawrence of Arabia), Hired to Kill is an essential slice of ”’90s action fare featuring guns, girls and a plethora of budget-busting explosions for good measure”.

Action movie staple Brian Thompson (whose brief turn in 1984 s The Terminator led to a starring role in the 1986 Sylvester Stallone vehicle Cobra) stars as Frank Ryan, a mercenary sent to track down a rebel leader in hostile territory. Posing as a fashion designer, he won t be going it alone, as he ll be aided by seven beautiful but deadly female fighters.

Whilst the opportunity to see Oliver Reed chewing up the scenery behind an elaborate moustache merits the price of the admission alone, Hired to Kill is also noteworthy as being co-directed by Nico Mastorakis the man behind such cult favourites as Island of Death and The Zero Boys.



  • Brand new 2K restoration of the film, approved by writer-director Nico Mastorakis
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
  • Original Stereo audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio Commentary with editor Barry Zetlin
  • Hired to Direct a brand new interview with director Nico Mastorakis on the making of Hired to Kill
  • Undercover Mercenary a brand new interview with star Brian Thompson
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Stills Gallery
  • Original Freedom or Death Screenplay (BD/DVD-ROM Content)
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
  • Fully-illustrated collector s booklet featuring new writing by critic James Oliver”

Killer Force [Kino Lorber Blu-Ray]

killer force

“In this edge-of-the-seat action thriller, Telly Savalas (TV s Kojak) plays Harry Webb a ruthless security mastermind for an international diamond syndicate trying to stop the disappearance of millions of dollars worth of gems from a South African mine. Peter Fonda (92 in the Shade) is Webb s deputy, Mike Bradley, who has begun to realize how bloodthirsty his boss really is. With his girlfriend, Clare (Maud Adams, Octopussy), Bradley joins up with some ex-mercenaries, Major Chilton (Christopher Lee, The Oblong Box), John Lewis (Hugh O Brian, Ambush Bay) and Bopper Alexander (O.J. Simpson, Firepower) to plan a million-to-one-odds diamond heist. But Webb is keeping heavy surveillance on all happenings and nothing will stop him from destroying everyone involved. Top-notch direction by the great Val Guest (The Quatermass Xperiment, The Day the Earth Caught Fire).

Bonus Feature: Original Theatrical Trailer”




“On a desolate stretch of desert highway, weary travelers – two men on the run from their past, a band on their way to the next gig, a man struggling to get home, a brother in search of his long-lost sister and a family on vacation – are forced to confront their worst fears and darkest secrets in a series of interwoven tales of terror and remorse on the open road.”

Four Movie Marathon: Post-Apocalyptic Collection

4 movie marathon

“The 4 Movie Marathon: Post-Apocalyptic Collection includes Waterworld, Skyline, Children of Men and Doomsday. Starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and more!”

Dementia [Scream Factory Blu-Ray]

dementia blu-ray

“A disabled war veteran is in bad hands when his family hires the live-in nurse from hell in this intense psychological shocker. George (Gene Jones of The Hateful Eight and The Sacrament) is an aging ex-soldier haunted by memories of Vietnam and struggling to reconnect with his estranged son and granddaughter. But when he suffers a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia, George is left in the care of Michelle (Halloween’s Kristina Klebe), a seemingly sweet nurse with a disturbing dark side. At the mercy of a psychopath with a hypodermic needle, George becomes a prisoner in his own home, caught in a sadistic game of cat and mouse as brutal as anything he experienced in Vietnam. In his feature debut, director Mike Testin masterfully keeps the tension mounting: until it explodes in delirious violence.”

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The Night of Medusa/Slave Girls on the Moon

night of medusa

“Joshua Kennedy has been inspired by vintage horror and sci-fi practically since he was born. He made his first movie, It Came From The Bathroom, at the age of five. By the time he turned sixteen, his breakout hit The Attack of the Octopus People (2011) had been released on DVD. With storylines that reference the classics and ingenious homegrown special effects, Joshua’s films appear to be from another era, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to old-school fans. A multiple Rondo Hatton Award-nominee, Joshua is currently the face of Pace University’s film program, where he crafted The Night of Medusa and Slave Girls on the Moon.

The Night Of Medusa (2016): Exchange student Elaine Carlisle, fresh off the plane from Greece, enrolls at a university in New York. Her Old World ways quickly make her the target of the school’s fraternity. After a particularly heinous prank, one of the co-ed perpetrators ends up in the city morgue. Fearing she is somehow responsible, Elaine faces the truth she has long repressed  …that she is the reincarnation of Medusa, the ancient Greek monster who can turn men into stone. Embracing her power, she will now destroy all those who tormented her…The Night of Medusa is Joshua’s tribute to his favorite film, the Hammer horror classic The Gorgon(1964). Lensed on location at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, real snakes were used to create the terrifying “Medusa” effect in actress Haley Zega’s hair.

Written, produced & directed by Joshua Kennedy. Copyright © 2016 Gooey Film Productions.

Slave Girls On The Moon (2014): In hopes of preventing nuclear war, brilliant (and gorgeous) female scientists Chloe Trustcott and Genevieve Fonda develop a time machine. But the device malfunctions, and Genevieve is catapulted into the far-flung year 8888. Following her colleague through the time portal, Chloe discovers a bizarre future civilization in which all healthy young women have been quarantined on the Moon. She finds Genevieve in this lunar prison, which is fiercely guarded by deranged radioactive mutants. With the help of the other nubile inmates, the girls pull off the most daring jail break of all time…Slave Girls on the Moon combines Joshua’s love of 1970’s “women-in-prison” films with influences as diverse as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), A Clockwork Orange (1971) and Flash Gordon (1980). It won Best Comedy at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival.

Written, produced & directed by Joshua Kennedy. Copyright © 2014 Gooey Film Productions.

Bonus Features include:

  • Commentary Tracks With Joshua Kennedy”



“Captain Glenn Edwards’s plane crashes over the mysterious Amarok Crater. When the government covers up his disappearance, Glenn’s fiancée, Samantha, assembles a ragtag team of misfits to find out what really happened. They are horrified to discover bizarre creatures created by the rays of a radioactive meteor. But not even these monstrosities can prepare them for Triclops, a 50-ft tall, three-eyed behemoth who rules this lost world with an iron fist. Samantha believes that the colossal beast is really her missing lover, mutated beyond human comprehension. Her affection may be tragically misplaced, however, when the monster picks the beautiful girl for his next dinner…

The films of Triclops director Brett Piper are a labor of love for the lifelong horror/sci-fi fan. Inspired by the work of Ray Harryhausen, Willis O’Brien, and Bert I. Gordon, Brett was making his own films by the age of 11. His professional career began when his first feature, Mysterious Planet (1982), was picked up for distribution in both the U.S. and overseas, grossing far in excess of its meagre $5,000 budget. He subsequently collaborated with independent horror legend Samuel M. Sherman on Raiders of the Living Dead (1986) and made A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990) for Troma Entertainment. More recent releases include Arachnia (2003), Shock-O-Rama (2005) with Misty Mundae, Bacterium (2006), and Queen Crab (2015). An iconoclast and a true original, the filmmaker prefers the use of practical effects such as stop-motion animation, miniatures and matte paintings even in today’s CGI-enhanced world.

Bonus Features include:

  • Commentary Track With Director Brett Piper, Cast & Crew
  • Outtakes and Bloopers”

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

i survived a zombie holocaust

“A young runner, on a Zombie film set, has the first day from hell when real Zombies overrun the set.”


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