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Don’t Breathe


“From the twisted minds behind EVIL DEAD comes a new terrifying experience. Three young thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) fight for their lives after breaking into the home of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who has a dark side.”

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Taboo II/Taboo III [Vinegar Syndrome Blu-Ray]


“Set shortly after the conclusion of TABOOTABOO 2 introduces Junior McBride (Kevin James) who, upon discovering that his best friend, Paul (Mike Ranger), had a relationship with his mother (Kay Parker), begins to explore his own curiosity for familial love, with his sister Sherry (Dorothy LeMay). Although initially hesitant, Sherry quickly discovers her desire for her brother, and the siblings soon begin an illicit affair…until their mother (Honey Wilder) catches them in the act… Director Kirdy Stevens and writer/producer Helene Terrie’s acclaimed follow-up to their 1980 blockbuster is an engrossing psychological drama that features Honey Wilder’s most infamous and celebrated performance.

In Kirdy Stevens and Helene Terrie’s third entry in their TABOO franchise, Kay Parker reprises her role of Barbara Scott, whose son Paul has left home due to the stress of their unnatural relationship. With only her younger son (Jerry Butler), who’s more concerned with his band and best friend (Blake Palmer) than his mother, to keep her company, Barbara finds a friend in Joyce McBride (Honey Wilder), as the two of them discover their shared illicit pasts and begin to plan the next stages of their lives… TABOO 3 is a thought provoking story of forbidden desires, featuring some of the biggest stars of the era.

Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present TABOO 2 & 3 on Blu-ray for the first time, newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements.

Bonus Features:
1. Scanned & restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
2. Video interview with actor Blake Palmer
3. Original theatrical trailer for TABOO 2
4. Kay Parker’s personal script for TABOO 3
5. Reverse cover artwork”

Death Machines [Vinegar Syndrome Blu-Ray]


“Madame Lu has created three ‘Death Machines’, a trio of martial arts experts who have been injected with a special serum, turning them into mindless zombies, capable only of murder, at Lu’s command. Tasked with eliminating her enemies, the Death Machines go on a blood soaked rampage, killing anyone in their path. After they massacre an entire dojo, leaving only one survivor, the Death Machines and Madame Lu herself become the targets of his vengeance…

Part kung fu film, part revenge thriller, and part sci-fi/horror, director Paul Kyriazi’s debut feature is a head spinning, non-stop thrill ride of gratuitous violence and bizarre plot twists, guaranteed to satisfy the cinematic cravings of even the most discriminating fans of drive-in movies.

Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present this outlandish, action packed, and truly unforgettable piece of mid-70s genre filmmaking, freshly restored in 4k from its original Techniscope camera negative and featuring brand new interviews with its director and stars.

Bonus Features:
1. Scanned & restored in 4k from 35mm Techniscope camera negative
2. Commentary track with director Paul Kyriazi
3. Director introduction
4. Video interview with actor Michael Chong
5. Audio interview with actor Joshua Johnson
6. Trims/outtakes
7. Original theatrical trailer
8. Teaser trailer
9. Reversible cover artwork
10. English SDH Subtitles”

Sacrifice! [Raro Video Blu-Ray]


“The birth of the bloody and controversial Italian Cannibal sub-genre starts here, with
this notorious 1972 Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox, Nightmare City) directed survivalist shocker, presented in its completely uncut, outrageously violent version. Sacrifice! (aka The Man From Deep River, Deep River Savages) stars Eurohorror legend Ivan Rassimov (Mario Bava s Shock, Lamberto Bava s Blade of the Ripper) as photographer John Bradley, who ventures into the heart of Thailand s jungles and is kidnapped by a ruthless native tribe. As Bradley fights for his life, he eventually catches the eye of the Chief s daughter (the beautiful Me Me Lai, who also appears Lenzi s 1980 gut-muncher Eaten Alive!) and, after marrying her, and after several bouts of brutality, eventually wins the natives respect. Complications arise, however, when the neighboring clan, a horde of bloodthirsty, flesh-hungry cannibals, begin sniffing around, licking their lips at the sight Bradley and his newly conquered tribe mates… Taking its cues from Gualitiero Jacopetti s hugely popular Mondo Cane films and its many imitators as well as Elliot Silverstein s similarly plotted hit A Man Called Horse, Lenzi s paean to primitive pain was branded a Video Nasty in the UK due to its relentless brutality, disturbing scenes of cannibalism and upsetting sequences of real-life animal death. Less exploitative than Ruggero Deodato s Cannibal Holocaust and Lenzi s own Cannibal Ferox but no less intense, Sacrifice!

Special Features: Documentary “Cannibal World (Mondo Cannibale), A fully illustrated booklet, New HD Transfer, New and Improved English subtitle translation”

MurderDrome: Roller Derby Dames


“A romantic rivalry turns into supernatural terror as roller derby sensation Cherry Skye unwittingly raises a demon murderess from hell. Trapped between the demon’s wrath and the Gates of Hell, Skye has no option but to throw down and sort out this mess in the only way she knows how: in the rink known as The MurderDrome! Equal parts slasher-film, action flick and romantic comedy, director Daniel Armstrong’s love letter to ’80s cinema will have you chanting in your seats, ”Welcome to the MurderDrome!”

Director: Daniel Armstrong.

Cast: Kat Anderson, Rachael Blackwood, Jake Brown.

Bonus features: Gag reel, Visual Effects Breakdown, Music Videos by Kidcrusher, Strawberry Fistcake, The Dark Shadows, The Mercy Kills and Thorn Within.”

Cell Count


“Russell Carpenter reluctantly admits his wife Sadie into an experimental treatment facility for her life threatening disease. While locked in this prison-like surrounding they, along with 6 others, are unknowingly subjected to a cure that might just be worse than the disease itself.”


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