Horror Horizon – December 11

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Notable DVD releases for the coming Tuesday. Selections are subject to Blu-Ray release as well.

The Island [Blu-Ray]

“Michael Caine stars as Blair Maynard, an investigative writer who takes on one of the most baffling mysteries: the disappearance of boats and their passengers in the Caribbean. During his investigation, he and his son are captured by raiding pirates, led by David Warner (Time After Time). When his son is converted to the pirates’ barbarian ways and turns against him, Blair must come to his rescue in this action-packed thriller written by Peter Benchley (Jaws).”

Death Valley [Blu-Ray]

“A divorcee, her son and her boyfriend are on a vacation in the beautiful but deadly Death Valley. What starts out as an ordinary, leisurely trip turns into a nightmare when they happen upon a murder and find themselves pursued by a maniac. Starring Catherine Hicks (Child’s Play), Paul Le Mat (Puppetmaster), Stephen McHattie (The Tall Man) and Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story).”

Is This a Zombie? Season One

“Some guys have no luck; he’s got no pulse. That’s life for poor unfortunate, undead Ayumu. First, he was murdered by a serial killer. Total bummer. Then he was resurrected as a zombie by a cute little Necromancer. That seemed pretty cool until she moved into his house, refused to speak, and forced his rotting carcass to do all the cooking. After that, a magical girl in a pretty pink dress used her matching chainsaw to chop his corpse in half. Luckily, the Necromancer’s powers of resurrection trumped those of the chainsaw chick, so instead of dying (again), Ayumu became the world’s first magical girl zombie. There’s also a voluptuous vampire ninja who thinks zombie boy is a pervert and a hideous crayfish demon who wants to devour him. Confused? All you gotta know is this: zombies, frilly dresses, demons, and more chainsaws. Pink. It s the new dead.” 

Baron Blood: Kino Classics’ Remastered Edition

“In director Mario Bava’s sumptuous Technicolor Gothic horror classic, an American student Peter Kleist travels to Austria on summer holiday to learn more about his family roots. By reciting an incantation on a piece of ancient parchment, he succeeds in scaring up a genuine ancestor–Baron Otto von Kleist, a 16th century sadistic nobleman whose appetite for cruelty earned him the nickname ”Baron Blood”. Before Peter can reverse the incantation, the parchment burns…How many innocents will die before Peter learns how to send the evil Baron back to the hell from whence he came? BONUS FEATURES: Original Theatrical Trailer, Audio Commentary from Tim Lucas, Radio Spots and more!”

Doomsday Book

“Korea is ground zero for an undead pandemic, as one man’s rotten trash brings on a zombie apocalypse. A high-tech repairman struggles as a robot residing in a Buddhist temple finds his higher mind and challenges the idea of consciousness. And one family, one lost billiard ball, and one misguided Internet order bring on the end of the world.” 

Chiller: The Complete Television Series

“The television series Chiller was a five episode horror anthology that aired in the UK in 1995. Presented here for the first time in the U.S., these supernatural shockers feature malevolent spirits, a brutal serial killer and a haunted house set in contemporary England. Starring many of Britain’s leading actors like Nigel Havers (Chariots of Fire, TV’s Coronation Street), Martin Clunes (UK’s Men Behaving Badly), Sophie Ward (Young Sherlock Holmes) and Kevin McNally (Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series), this compelling collection will leave you chilled to the bone! Episodes include PROPHECY, TOBY, HERE COMES THE MIRROR MAN, THE MAN WHO DIDN’T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS and NUMBER SIX.” 


“Dusty (Eve Mauro) is on a desperate mission to rescue her brother, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced Osama Bin Laden is still alive. In Afghanistan, she falls in with a team of Special Forces soldiers on a secret assignment. When the group crashes headlong into a zombie apocalypse, Dusty and the troops realize they must find and destroy the root of this evil before it s too late.” 

Kill ‘Em All

“Captured international assassins are locked up inside a high-tech bunker known as the Killing Chamber. To break out of this concrete hell they must duel each other, fight deadly ninjas and battle against gangs of masked maniacs. And… if they survive this, they will have to confront Snakehead: the lethal, deranged top dog who will stop at nothing to kill ’em all.”

Bikini Frankenstein

“She’ll love you to pieces in this Frankenstein movie that is like none other! Follow the sexy, funny tale of a luscious female creation (Jayden Cole) as Dr. Victor Frankenstein puts her to the test. Can she fit into society without anyone being the wiser? With the voluptuous Brandin Rackley as Victor’s ditzy Fraulein assistant and exotic Christine Nguyen as the object of their next experiment, it’s hard to go wrong. Throw in the ever cute Alexis Texas and you really have a night to remember. Stars Jayden Cole, Christine Nguyen, and Brandin Rackley. ”Bikini Frankenstein” is the erotic comedy that will leave you in stitches and is from the cult movie experts at Retromedia Entertainment. Bonus: original movie trailers.”

Gangsters, Guns, & Zombies

“When one man sees the dead rising from the grave, another sees opportunity. Q had a nice, simple plan: drive the robbery getaway van, deliver everyone to the safe house and get paid. Unfortunately, life is never that simple.   Q s accomplices are TONY, a murderous nut case; DANNY, who is bleeding all over the money in the back of the van; and CRAZY STEVE, who lives up to his name. The safe house is surrounded by police, and these zombies just don t quit.   The group takes refuge at a fortified windmill where they team up with the lovely CASSIE and her insane but well-armed GRANDMA. As Tony descends into deeper and deeper psychosis, he forces a last stand against the zombie horde closing in.”

The Toxic Avenger: Japanese Cut

“The long sought-after Japanese cut of the Toxic Avenger; this 98 minute version is now available in the US for the first time! Welcome to Tromaville, New Jersey — a small American town, terrorized by criminals. The town’s corrupt mayor sits idly by while muggers, robbers and teenage punks victimize helpless citizens. Among the residents of Tromaville is Melvin, a nerdy, emaciated janitor at the local health club. That is, until he becomes The Toxic Avenger! A gang of thugs devise a cruel hoax that goes horribly wrong as Melvin is cast through a third story window and into a vat of hazardous toxic waste. However, an unexpected metamorphosis takes place. As the chemicals take hold of his body, Melvin turns into the Toxic Avenger, doer of good, and brutal mauler of evil! The rest, as they say, is history! The excitement is non-stop as the hero sets out to single handedly wipe out the forces of evil that torment the people of Tromaville. The Toxic Avenger is non-stop entertainment that will leave the viewers glowing from the fun. Bonus Features include Production Stills and Trailers.”

Twilight Vamps

“A vampire nudie bar? Let’s get the party started! Two guys get the lap dance of their lives as they encounter a bevy of bounteous beauties with an appetite for human blood in one of the sexiest night clubs around. With a gang of vampire strippers led by the lovely Tabitha it’s a dusk-to-dawn marathon of sex, rock and roll, and more sex! Who will survive and what will left of them? Starring some of the sexiest vamps ever, Twilight Vamps presents the rare opportunity to witness Brandin Rackley and Christine Nguyen strip-tease their way out of their lingerie! Also starring cult movie favorite Beverly Lynne (”Tanya X”), the curvaceous Jenaveve Jolie and Michelle Maylene. ”Twilight Vamps” is a laugh-packed erotic horror movie spoof from the cult movie authorities at Retromedia Entertainment and contains a bonus of original movie trailers.” 

Sex Hunter: Wet Target

“While rotting away in jail, Okamoto learns of the death of his beloved sister, Natsuko. Violently assaulted by a group of U.S. military men during a drunken joyride, she was found dead by local authorities. Haunted by the tragedy, Okamoto escapes from jail to hunt down and kill those who destroyed the life of his sister. What he uncovers during his investigation is much more horrifying than he could ever imagine! Fueled by rage, he meets the killers one by one as the film explodes into an unbelievable climax of bloodshed. A classic, violent thriller from the vaults of Nikkatsu Pictures, SEX HUNTER: WET TARGET is one of the most controversial entries in their erotic films series.” 

Night Claws

“A bloodthirsty Bigfoot, which kills without warning, is on a rampage near a small town. This is not your ordinary Bigfoot — This creature is lightning fast, incredibly strong and seems to thrive on not just killing but tearing people apart as well. A strong, beautiful, and sometimes mysterious woman shows up claiming to represent the Federal Government and pushes the local Sheriff into hunting down this creature, but they are not alone in their hunt. As multiple groups of hunters all seek out the famed prize the lines become seriously blurred between the hunter and the hunted.”


“Beyond ALIEN. Beyond THE THING. On the dark side of dreams, a new terror takes shape. There’s been a gruesome death at Project Shado
wzone – but that’s just the beginning… A group of NASA hyper-sleep researchers are conducting tests in an abandoned underground facility in the Nevada desert. One subject has died during the test and NASA has sent in Captain Hickock (DAVID BEECROFT) to investigate. What he finds is more horrific than the death itself. The scientists, guided by Dr. Erhart (LOUISE FLETCHER) and Dr. Van Fleet (JAMES HONG), have broken the boundaries of dream-state sleep and have tapped into a parallel dimension. The deadly error brings forth an alien life form that decides to stay – and prey. The alien being can assume any life form it wants and becomes each person’s deepest darkest fear. When only Hickock and Dr. Erhart survive the deadly rampage they must confront the unrelenting intruder and find a way out – of the SHADOWZONE.” 

Recently reviewed this for HorrorNews.net.

The Fog Returns to Murder Mansion

“A thick fog covers the countryside as a couple drives through the zero visibility conditions and ends up lost in a creepy old cemetery. They decide to take refuge in a nearby abandoned mansion, only to find they’re not the only inhabitants. Soon the murders begin. Dripping with creepy atmosphere, great suspense, beautiful women and graphic homicides. You won’t want to miss it when The Fog Returns to Murder Mansion!”

Goes by lots of different names, Spansish giallo.

Creep Van

“Life without a car is murder … and nobody knows that better than Campbell Jackson, a 20-something, out-of-work, out-of-options misfit. Forced to take a dead-end job at a Detroit car wash, Campbell spies a dilapidated 70s van for sale and attempts to buy it. Little does he know, it s the Creep Van, whose mysterious owner has been terrorizing locals killing and torturing victims with a host of elaborate booby traps inside its rusted shell. For those unwilling to climb aboard, the Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks down or smashing through walls. Forced to team up with a sleazy conman to hunt down and stop the mayhem before he and his girlfriend become the next victims Campbell finds himself in for one hell of a bloody ride! Contains Anatomy of a Killer Van Smash, Creep Van: Under the Hood (a look at the production of Creep Van), Cast interviews, the Theatrical Trailer, the Original Finance Trailer, Deleted Scene, and Audio Commentary with the Filmmakers!”


“Felicia (Pamela Price), How I Got Lost and Calvin (newcomer Kevin Petroff) are vampires living in post-Gatsby Long Island. Their method of obtaining their drug of choice is compromised when the local blood bank beefs up security, and they must resort to murder to get their fix. The advice of a friendly neighbor (Steve Dash, Friday the 13th Part 2) reinforces their desperate choice, but it’s only a matter of time before their lifestyle turns poisonous and our addicts come face to face with the monsters they have become. Get bit! Bonus Features include Making Of and Short Films.”

House of Terror

“A beautiful nurse, Jenifer Bishop (”Mako – Jaws of Death”), hired to look after an ailing bed-ridden matron, actually plots with her boyfriend to steal the woman’s fortune. When the patient is found floating dead in a bathtub of blood the search for the hidden money intensifies, but her ghost appears to be haunting them from the grave! Added bonus: Super Horror Trailer-Rama!”

Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare IV

“America has become a nation of “”Maniacs ‘R Us””, playing the childhood game of “”truth or dare”” in cyberspace with murderous results. Among those caught up in this craze is Tuner Downing, who gets obsessed with serial killer Mike Strauber, the Coppermasked Madman, tries hard to follow in his bloody footsteps, even breaking his ‘hero’ out of incarceration. Chock full of bloody twists & turns!”

The Life Zone

“Kidnapped by a mysterious figure, three women find themselves trapped in an abandoned hospital. Held against their will for months, the prisoners are faced with life-transforming decisions and must struggle for their lives. Featuring a harrowing tale and a mind-blowing climatic twist, The Life Zone is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep audiences guessing.”

The Unjust

“A serial killer targeting elementary school students is on the loose – and 5 victims means even the president gets involved in the investigation. When the most probable suspect dies in custody and the case looks like it’s reached a dead end, high ranking police brass decide to create a killer – and anyone will do. Though Detective CHOI Cheol-gi boasts an incredible number of arrests over his career his rank never showed it. He was framed and demoted for another crime and decides that this is his last chance at professional redemption. He makes a deal with mob boss JANG Seok-gu, who he has been investigating, and together they decide to set up one of the existing suspects as the serial killer.
The only hurdle in their plan is public prosecutor JU Yang, who takes on the case. JU himself had been involved in a deal with the boss of a rival criminal organization, and President Kim wants CHOI dismissed from his position. When the secret deals and back alley agreements start to come to light, it only serves to drag CHOI, JU, JANG, and KIM deeper and deeper into a dark hole of questionable ethics and abuse of the law.”


“Roy Logan is an average guy who works as a bouncer in a local bar and grill. But every night when he goes to sleep he has the same disturbing dream. In this dream he sees and feels himself dying — always in the same way and the same place — over and over and over again. Seeking a solution for this unusual problem, Roy consults Dr. Enrich Eisenhart, who among other things is a college professor, mystic, and student of the occult. Roy is told by the Doctor that he has been born with both a blessing and a curse: a phenomenon known as The Darken. Those who carry this stigma are marked by fate, destined to live until a predetermined time and place are reached. Those born to carry The Darken are given foreknowledge of their oncoming death — usually in the form of dreams. Roy resists the idea but soon comes to learn that, not only is it a reality, but he has also been cast into a series of profound events concerning the struggle of good and evil. He encounters a young girl named Rhea who is being pursued by a very evil man who will stop at nothing to get her. But Rhea is no ordinary girl.”

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

“When undercover cop Judith Grey (Tracy Scoggins, reprising her original role) discovers the murderous Demonic Toys have returned to the Toyland warehouse, she has only one thought in mind: destroy the hideous playthings at all costs. But she needs help. So she turns to the only man on Earth who can measure up to these toychest terrorsBrick Bardo aka Dollman (Tim Thomerson). Joined by his girlfriend, the equally diminutive Ginger (reduced to 11 inches in Bad Channels), futurecop Bardo teams with Judith to battle the mutant toys. Now Bardo must fight to save his life and his love as Baby Oopsie develops a large “”crush”” on the luscious Ginger… Charles Band directs. Tim Thomerson, Melissa Behr, Phil Brock, Phil Fondacaro, and Tracy Scoggins star.”


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