Alec Pridgen of Mondo Bizarro pulled through for us. He was tasked with giving us a review of the cheesy 1997 film Aberration, and I got his review just before Halloween eve! Thankfully, he’s also a master at providing some great screenshots, along with his own brand of humor. Have a fancy at his review below, and then head over to his blog for a whole bunch of interesting features where he covers a lot of movies and provides his signature comedy through screencaps. Thanks to Alec for his contribution!
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Break out the Repellent AND the Candy Corn.  Today’s Film is Aberration, a 1997 Film about creepy creatures hiding in the dark.  The Film tells the tale of a mysterious woman, a snowy Cabin and said creatures.  What is she hiding?  What is hiding from her?  Why is the entire Soundtrack really-dated 90s Rock Music?  While the last question will not be answered, I can give you the other two.  This Film features some unique Monsters, so let’s check it out…


A strange woman- with some very 90s hair- moves to a Cabin in the Woods- sounds smart.  Along for the ride are her Cat and two Goldfish in bags.  Naturally, you brought them.

Much like that chick from Psycho, there is something that this woman is hiding from us.  Meanwhile, some weird goop is showing up all around her Cabin in the Forest…


After seeing the weird goop and the missing food, our heroine gets some poison.  She meets up with the man from the Woods.  He explains that the Creatures are Geckos…only now with teeth!

The duo are now stuck defending themselves against the mutant Lizards with guns, poisons and lamps…that make Fish Tanks explode for some reason.


More trouble comes up as one of our heroes is temporarily-blinded and the man from our Heroine’s past shows up for his money.

Naturally, the Geckos aren’t done and the action spills into a Store (a la Lake Placid 3).  In the End, the couple survives.  Aw, how sweet.


Pretty good stuff, if I’m being honest.  The Plot is all kinds of silly.  A mysterious Robber Lady shows up at a Cabin just as Geckos mutate to have teeth.  Evolution is real, folks- it happens so fast!  Never mind all that Science about Evolution taking Centuries and being gradual.  Nope- these guys needed teeth and the ability to go into near-death comas, so they got them super-fast!  It makes no sense, but that doesn’t ruin the Film for me.  It is all sorts of rare, 1990s silliness.  It isn’t great, but it is fun.  No CG here (that I noticed) either, so bonus.  CG obviously was available at this time- it just wasn’t cheap.  You just know that a 2007 Version of Aberration would have features all CG Geckos…and C. Thomas Howell.  Be grateful for the silly movie you get, people!  If you like silly, creature features, track this one down.

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