Michael Tatlock, of From the Mind of Tatlockis our Canadian friend. He’s participated in the Gory Gifts of Christmas even despite his fairly prolific posting schedule. I’m really happy to feature his writing again for Halloween Fifteen; unfortunately, Here Comes the Devil probably didn’t do much to make him want to come back next year. I’m yet to see it, but if it’s anything like Bogliano’s Late Phases, I’m in for a lengthy ride. Read on to find out what happened when Michael met the Devil, and don’t forget to check out his site.

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Here Comes the Devil is a Mexican movie about incest, weird sexual fantasies, a man trying to have sex with a mountain, possession and the Devil, while the Devil takes a back seat for a majority of the movie. Directed by Adrián García Bogliano, whose other work has included a segment on ABC’s of Death (B is for Bigfoot) and Late Phases (both movies which I have never seen before,) has crafted a film that is slow to move along, with only a few tiny sprinkles of interesting material. Did I hate Here Comes the Devil? No, but I can’t say I would ever watch it again. Read on to see why…


A couple lose their children near some caves in Tijuana, Mexico. When finally they are found, it becomes clear that something terrifying has changed them.


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The entire reason to watch Here Comes the Devil is to see how the story unfolds, so I definitely don’t want to go spoiling the movie for you in my review, so I have to be very careful on what I write. The movie follows a couple of idiots, who let their kids go missing overnight in a cave, who then come back the next day acting a little different. The mother and father try to figure out exactly what happened that night and all the clues seem to point to a traumatic event. Of course, things aren’t exactly as they seem and soon one of the parents is about to find out exactly what happened that long, dark night in the cave.

I must say one thing, Here Comes the Devil probably features two of the most incompetent parents I have ever seen on film. They allow their kids to wander a spooky mountain, while they fondle each others private parts in a truck stop, telling each other really gross stories of when they found out about sex for the first time as a kid. They seem to hate each other as well and even the smallest things set off a chain reaction of arguing and name calling. I’m not sure how these two came together, but me thinks they need to come apart.

The biggest issue I have with the movie is that not a lot happens for a good part of the 97-minute runtime. We know some freaky stuff is going down, but the movie doesn’t go to great lengths to express that. All we really see is a couple of kids with some stoic looks on their faces. When we come to the end of the flick, we do get a few hints of horror, but one scene, in particular, which involves the kids and the mother flopping around on her bed, made no sense to me. Maybe I just didn’t completely understand the flick or maybe, and this is probably the real reason, I just didn’t care all that much as to what happened in the movie. I will say this, though, there is one kill scene in this movie that feels out-of-place, but my goodness, the gore was fantastic.


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Here Comes the Devil will probably end up being a forgettable flick for me. Hell, I watched the movie only a couple of days ago and I had a hell of a time trying to remember what I thought about it. It isn’t a terrible movie, but the story is just so slow to produce anything scary or tense and when it does make an attempt at it, it doesn’t make much sense. I still don’t really understand the beginning of the movie, which involves lesbians, a psycho and chopped off fingers. I guess it had something to do with weak souls, evil spirits, and blah, blah, blah. Who cares. If there is one thing I got out of this movie, it’s that Director Adrián García Bogliano sure loves his dramatic zooms.


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