If you follow the Facebook page or Tumblr, you’ve probably already seen my post about the Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks Halloween cereals this year. But I thought I’d write it up anyway for those who don’t social media.

halloween kelloggs

This year, Kelloggs is doing the Halloween thing with certain cereals by giving them a spooky face-lift. Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks are getting skeleton marshmallows – you can build an actual skeleton with bones and skulls, similar to what Cheetos did with their white cheddar bones. Krave – a more adult cereal, I guess – has their color dyed orange. I’m not sure if that also dyes the milk orange or not, but I like the picture of Krave served in a jack-o-lantern bowl on the box.

halloween krave 2015

These have been slowly rolling out to supermarkets, so look for them at your local store soon!

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