Cavitycolors is all over Halloween. That’s what they do. Not too long ago they released a T-shirt inspired by the Goosebumps book The Haunted Mask, and I’ve got to say that I’m very happy with my own (shameless plug for a handsome man):


Now that we’re into September, though, Cavitycolors is pulling even more Halloween specials out of their… cavity. Two new designs will be available at the site tomorrow, September 3. Take a peak at what they’ve got cooking:

cavity colors halloween shirtsThe first one is titled “Xenofloss” and comes on either T-shirt or tank top. Xenomorphs have to keep their teeth clean too!

The other is called “Monsterhouse,” as you might have gathered from the artwork, and I’ve got to say it’s my favorite of the two. Love the colors first and foremost, but those creepy demon shadows in the background look killer – literally. Would love to grab this as a baseball tee.

Also available is an original print done by Aaron Crawford titled “The Girl Who Dreams of Halloween”. It’s a Giclee print with Archival Inks on cotton paper, limited to 100.

cavity colors girl halloween

The pre-order isn’t up yet, so if you head over to the website now you won’t see these designs. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow, September 3 at 5 PM, and then you can click away to your heart’s desire. If you’re trying to get ready for Halloween 2015, this should be your first stop for quality horror apparel.




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