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Perhaps this recap/review of “Cupid’s Quiver” belongs more towards Valentine’s Day, but I don’t hear anyone complaining (and if there are complaints, well you can just forget about going out for a cup of coffee afterwards!). Leave it to Friday the 13th: The Series to tackle date rape in a professional, veiled manner with an episode that focuses on the disillusionment of women and the killer instincts of men when it comes to the L-O-V-E word. But “Cupid’s Quiver” isn’t tasteless, and it often subtly touches on interesting motifs that other crime dramas have to spell out for the audience over time.

Ryan and Micki see that a recent murder of a woman in a lover’s suite motel room was linked to a Cupid statue that sounds very similar to one that Lewis used to have in his shop. As Jack’s witch phrase goes, “If it looks like a bat, and sounds like a bat, it’s a bat.” So Ryan and Micki decide to investigate the case, first posing as police officers (and really bad ones at that – they could have at least tried to dress the part!) to infiltrate the motel room, then as college kids when they visit a fraternity holding a Valentine’s Day bash. It seems a frat member had picked up the Cupid statue, because even if it’s ugly, it’s still a lady-killer. Oh wait, maybe that’s a little too true.

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But we’ve got Eddie Monroe (Denis Forest) running around with his greasy hair and his mechanic’s jacket, sporting the fraternity’s letters even though he’s only their janitor. He’s fallen deeply in love with the “bird” Laurie (Carolyn Dunn), and he’s just not going to stop, no matter how many times she says she doesn’t like him, or that she’s with another boy, or that she’ll have him kicked out of school. She’s just playing hard to get, after all, and Eddie’s a fine-looking boy with… a nice head of ’80s hair, I guess.

Eddie’s so in love with Laurie that he steals the Cupid statue and takes it out to the bar. For some reason, he already knows how to use the device – just point and Cupid will do the rest, shooting out a tiny laser beam that makes the girl fall head-over-heels in love with the user. The first girl is apparently just a test for horny Eddie, because he doesn’t attempt it on Laurie. He takes her to the river, has sex with her (repeatedly? the dude’s been getting turned down A LOT), and then, in a show of true romance, brings her honey and a bee’s nest. Ah, the sting of love!

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Besides the moment where you’re like, “Whoa, where did this honey come from?” and, “Isn’t she sticky enough?”, this scene in “Cupid’s Quiver” is actually quite disturbing. Eddie stands outside the truck watching as the girl  beats at the bees, and then he mouths, “I love you” through the window as Cupid stands in the back of the truck watching the bloodshed. I never knew Cupid was such an evil guy!

Micki and Ryan, meanwhile, hit up a frat party with Jack as bartender. They’re not just messing around and looking for dates, of course (although that’s kind of what Ryan’s doing anyway); they’re delivering a truth serum that will help them find out who has the Cupid. Then they’re looking for Laurie and Eddie after he kidnaps her and shoots her with Cupid’s lightning bolt of death.

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It’s surprising that Micki decided to tag along in this episode, because from the start I thought it would be a dangerous mission for her, since she’s a woman and all. Last episode forced her to be more manly and quiet, so I thought this time “Cupid’s Quiver” would put her in danger because of her womanhood, but F13: The Series goes a different approach. This means that it doesn’t really put Micki in danger, except for the end of the episode, but it also doesn’t deliver as much emotional impact because Laurie’s a character we don’t really know.

But the Cupid statue is eerie, again because of that uncanny valley scenario I think. It’s just not supposed to swivel its head, but it does, and it’s super ugly. Forest also plays his character Eddie well, but the show-stealer is the frathouse leader, who remarks that women are always running away from him.

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“Cupid’s Quiver” is often comedic, but it does have a mean streak. The opening is pretty racy for television, as are the erotic scenes later in the episode. And F13: The Series always does its twists well; call me smitten with this episode.


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