GIVEAWAY: Win a Comet TV May Prize Pack from Comet!

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Win a Ray Harryhausen Collector Set!

Comet’s at it again with another cool giveaway, this time featuring some awesome Ray Harryhausen collector items! Check out the contents of this package below.

1 – Limited Edition Ray Harryhausen custom designed T-Shirt: The God’s Want Their Entertainment! And So do Comet TV Fans! Show your love of classic Sci-Fi with this Limited Edition T-Shirt you can only get through this promotion!

10 – Skeleton Warrior Mini Figures: The perfect way to plan your own battle is with these skeleton warrior figures. Perfect for your desk, coffee table or as an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation!

2 – Packs of Candy Bones: After you vanquished your skeleton foes, celebrate with these sweet treats!

1 – Comet TV “Space Out” Fridge Magnet: This fridge is rated “S” for Spacey! Show your Comet TV love and love of Sci-Fi with this custom magnet. Only the cool kids have them!

1 – Comet TV “Space Out” Sticker: These are Spacey Times. Show your Comet TV love by sporting this awesome sticker. Great for notebooks, bumpers, to put on people’s backs, you know… the usual!

Enter the giveaway by using the app above. There are a number of ways to get entries, so do as many as you see fit! Good luck!

Contest ends on 6/2. Use a valid email address; I will need to contact you to get your mailing address.


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  • bill norris

    ive clicked on the boxes and tweeted and it wont let me enter via the continue button

    • Hi Bill, you do need to put the @ sign in before your Twitter username. I see you’ve already tweeted, so on the Gleam app click “Already tweeted?” and enter @yourusername and it should allow you to continue.

      • bill norris

        its not, ive tried tweeting again and connecting my twitter account and ive entered with and without the @ and it just wont let me get passed the twitter portion… i must be doing something wrong

        • If you give me your email address I can try doing it for you. Unfortunately Gleam doesn’t allow a manual entry.

          • bill norris

            thanks for trying to help!

          • Hey Bill – very strange, I was also unable to confirm the post using Gleam. When I go to draw I will manually enter your entries.

          • Hey Bill – very strange. I was also unable to confirm your entry. When I draw for the winner I will manually enter your entries.

          • bill norris

            thanks so much, i think the thing just dislikes my name/email

          • Jenny Ham

            Doesn’t work for me either I tried everything. To bad the first step stopped us from continuing to the other steps so we were unable to enter at all.

          • Jenny Ham

            Might be why the entries are so low

          • bill norris

            it worked for me today… it likes me again

      • bill norris

        tried to refresh and alter the tweet a bit and nada…. i think the entry form just doesnt like me

  • Jenny Ham

    The tweet part is not working I tried with the @ sign and without.. Cannot get past that first step cannot enter. Clicked already tweeted connected my account tried everything