Happy New Year! We made it through 2013 and 2014 is looming large and in charge now. What better way to celebrate a fresh new beginning than to send out some films for giveaway? I’ve been collecting a few hard copies of films and, since my girlfriend thinks our apartment is already overloaded with things, I need to get rid of them posthaste. Sad for me, but good for you!

Here’s the deal: I’ve got five DVDs to give away, and I need your help. You’ve gotta take them off my hands. So drop a comment below with your email address and which one item you’re most looking forward to. Each comment will be eligible for all five giveaways, meaning you’ve got five different chances to win! I can’t guarantee you’ll get the film you want, but you’ve got a better chance of winning one of them.
Unfortunately, I can’t send out of the USA anymore – Canada is a beast to ship to! So please, USA entries only (very sorry about that). Here are the official rules:
Comment with the film you are most interested in seeing, and your comment must also specify an email. USA entries only. Each entry will be eligible for all five giveaways. Entry time ends on January 19 at midnight. Winners will be notified by email and asked for their address.
The films include:
Mischief Night
The Twilight Zone: Season Five
If there are enough entries I may add one more film.

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