Cryptmas Cards in my mailbox

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Yesterday I received an awesome Christmas card from my old college housemates; they’re living out in the big old city of Washington, D.C., so we don’t get to see them (at all) except for texts and Facebook. Anyway, we used to have this thing where we’d all sit down and watch Tales from the Crypt, because it’s that awesome of a show, and we’d watch a few episodes a night.

What do I find when I open up my mailbox but a red card addressed to my cat, Bart (reading Bart Claus – it really confused the post office, apparently, because they put a question mark on the envelope). I open it up, only to find the Cryptkeeper staring at me with a Santa hat on! There’s also a nice little reiteration of a popular Christmas carol inside, but I won’t spoil that for anyone who might receive one of these Cryptmas cards.

I have scoured the Internet, and I can’t seem to find mention of them anywhere! These are an awesome find. Thanks Drew and Lauren!


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