Friday the 13th is coming up really soon. Next week, folks, so get ready for some bad luck and mischief! Last year for Friday the 13th I covered a few of the movies over the week – we looked at the most ridiculous aspects of the films, and man were there a lot.

This year I wanted to do something a little different, and since I got the entire first season of Friday the 13th: The Series on DVD for Christmas, I thought I would crack into that disc-pack and do a week-long revue of the show. Sounds good, right?

And thanks to Brobocop (Eric King over at Back Online, Back On Duty), I know how to do GIFs a little bit better, so expect a bunch of GIFs over the week. I’ll also be highlighting why antiques are so damn spooky, and talking a little bit about my experiences with the show (hint: I don’t have a lot of them, since I only caught it on SyFy [back when it was Sci-Fi]a couple of times).

If anyone has an interest in joining in for a post, please let me know! I’ve got lots of room for guest posting.

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