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Severin Films has released Cathy’s Curse on Blu-Ray, and despite the film’s rather unfortunate quality, it certainly has intriguing cover artwork. As stated in the film review, Severin includes both the director’s cut and theatrical cut on this disc, asking the viewer to choose one before they get to the menu.

Both get a very good 2k restoration from Severin Films, and this is the first time that Cathy’s Curse has been available in such good condition besides blurry DVD releases. Severin has done some excellent work with an admittedly aged film; there are still quite a few burns and damage spots on this restoration, but for the most part this is a good-looking representation of the film. There’s still a heavy grain presence especially in brighter scenes or noticeable on the house’s wallpaper, but this is to be expected from a film this age and it does not affect the presentation whatsoever. However, bright lights and outdoor scenes do feature a distracting glow that often creates a halo effect – it seems like a minor nitpick, but bright lighting is often featured in the film and it’s too often noticeable to ignore. Even so, this is the best Cathy’s Curse has looked and fans looking to own the film should be in for a treat.

Audio is presented in Dolby Digital mono and sounds crisp and clear, with no issues to speak of, though of course it’s not a particularly interesting audio track. Subtitles are also available. In addition to the regular audio track, there’s an audio commentary featuring BirthMoviesDeath critic Brian Collins and his friend, writer Simon Barrett. This features jokes and a lot of info dropped by Collins, a serious fan of the film.

Along with the commentary, the disc also contains two featurettes – an interview with director Eddy Matalon (about 20 minutes long), and an interview with Randi Allen and costumer Joyce Allen (about 12 minutes). The focus here is on Matalon’s interview, which adds some more education about the film, and probably the more interesting of the two. A final, non-vital addition to this set of extras is a video introduction for Brian Collins from a screening of Cathy’s Curse – besides introducing Collins to the viewer before watching the film with his audio commentary, there’s no real need for this four-minute feature. Finally, a theatrical trailer for the film is also included.

While this release seems a bit lacking in special features, it’s actually fairly surprising Severin was able to obtain the two interviews included for such an old and poorly-revered film. The release’s video quality alone should be enough to persuade fans and curious consumers to buy the disc, so those extras are an added bonus for anyone looking for a behind-the-scenes look at this Canuxploitation classic.

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Special Features/Quality/Packaging7.5
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The Good
Some creepy scenes involving Cathy's doll
Unintentionally funny
Very good transfer, better than what has previously been available
The Bad
Film lacks motivation and, often, an interesting plot
Poor editing, bad script
Lights often become glaringly bright on this transfer
Cathy's Curse is not a good a film from a conventional standpoint, with poor editing and a disjointed script that lacks motivation or context. Still, it has creepy moments and scenes that are unintentionally funny, and purveyors of bad cinema will enjoy this film. Severin Films releases a very good transfer and a nice set of extras on this Blu-Ray.
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