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Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray of Bubba Ho-Tep gets a nice package including new cover artwork along with the original on the reverse side and a slipcover. It’s also got a good-looking image with 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with a healthy grain presence noticeable in some darker scenes. The film gets two audio tracks – a 5.1 surround which is probably one most viewers will opt for which sounds excellent and a 2.0 track which also sounds rather good without offering the kind of surround effects one will get with the 5.1.

While this release doesn’t feature a new transfer, it does include a number of new features including an audio commentary track with author Joe R. Lansdale (short story writer on which this film was based), a new interview with Don Coscarelli, an interview with Bruce Campbell, and questions with effects artist Robert Kurtzman.

Along with these new extras, Scream Factory includes a lot of previously available bonus content as well – two audio commentaries, making-of featurettes, a reading from Joe R. Lansdale, music video, soundtrack info, and a look at the costumes. All told, this is a great collection of extra footage, and fans of the film will enjoy both the new and old offerings on this disc.

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Bubba Ho-Tep is a fairly good film from Don Coscarelli that could benefit from some directorial edits due to pacing. Otherwise, Bruce Campbell puts in a great performance as Elvis and the themes about ageing hit home. Scream Factory's Blu-Ray release includes enough new and old special features to warrant picking this collection up despite no new transfer.
The Good
Solid themes about ageing, metaphor about death
Great performance from Bruce Campbell
Good addition of new and old special features
The Bad
Slow pacing drags down the film
No new film transfer
Very Good
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