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Hidden Horror finds just as many hidden writers as it does horror films

When you set out to compile a book of 101 essays about horror, it’s important to make sure you have a strong group of writers who can identify exactly A) why the film they’re covering is hidden and B) why they’re worth the viewer’s time. With 101 different authors spouting their opinions on horror, there’s bound to be crossover and different voices, and who better to write about the best horror than the bloggers and IMDb users who know love the genre most?

Aaron Christensen, or Dr. A.C. as he’s also known, compiles and edits the 101 essays found in Hidden Horror, contributing an introductory passage and his own hidden gem to the compilation. William Lustig (Maniac) pens the foreword, an excellent essay where he expounds upon what “hidden” really means.

Then, we’re off and running with an uninterrupted series of essays from some of horror’s greatest writers. Great movies abound, some you may have seen, and many you probably haven’t; I know there were a number that I wasn’t too familiar with, some I’d heard of but hadn’t seen, and others that I had enjoyed but not with the same appreciation as the essayist.

While some could disagree with a few of the picks in the book, complaining that they don’t necessarily fit into the same hidden niche as the others, the primary aspect of the essays are all the same: to document not only a movie one might have missed, but also the reason why one might have overlooked it even during viewings.

Thankfully, these essays not only help to explain the context of a particular film within the genre, they also put an emotional spin on films the reader may not have appreciated. It’s difficult to think of a film that one did not like than anything other than a stinker; but in Hidden Horror, the essayists take a film that some might not even acknowledge and add a level of nostalgia and love that no one can deny. It puts a film into perspective – that despite its flaws, regardless of content, there are people who enjoy it. And Hidden Horror documents the joy of someone who can spread it to others.

But the best part about Hidden Horror is finding competent writers, people who can discuss the horror genre with reverence and criticism. Even better than finding a new film to watch is a new site or blog to follow, and Hidden Horror is a tome of new people to read.

This compilation is a must-read for horror fans, a treasure trove of unnoticed film and critics that fills the void when one is not watching horror. It’s really a no-brainer to pick this up; even if you don’t agree with the films, it’s easy to appreciate the sentiment behind the author’s viewpoint. You’ve found your next 100 or so movies to watch.

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