We’re back with a new series for Halloween 2016! First we did Jeff Goldblum Month, and now we’re entering into our Halloween Series – the rest of the weeks leading up to Halloween, we will cover every single Saw film in chronological order. That’s right – we’re testing our limits marathoning these torture porn films.

Saw was the first in this torture porn genre and arguably the best, with the most manageable plot that focused less on gore than twisty puzzles. However, there are still a lot of problems stylistically and rudimentarily, and we definitely point those out. It’s Martin’s first time watching a Saw film!

Listen in as we explore the craziness of this first film – Shawnee Smith fresh off of Becker, Danny Glover phoning it in, and Cary Elwes losing his accent! Let us know what you think of the film in the comments, and please subscribe to us over on iTunes and leave a good review!


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