Blood and Black Rum Podcast is back with another episode of madness. We’re following up on last episode’s My Bloody Valentine review with a review of the remake My Bloody Valentine 3D, which we actually watched in 2D. But we can see how the 3D would operate thank you very much.

I hated this movie back when I first saw it, and I still hate it now – maybe moreso. And Martin, who had never been subjected to it before, uttered phrases such as, “Dude, I don’t think I can make it through this movie” and, “This may be the worst film I’ve ever seen.” So you know that we absolutely had fun on this podcast ceaselessly mocking the film itself, from its terrible pacing to the awful characters to the CGI effects. We do find time to slip beer talk in there, and there’s a discussion about Josh Groban in there somewhere too. Listen in, and let us know how you feel about My Bloody Valentine 3D.

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