We’ve been doing quite a bit more podcasting of late, especially because of the Halloween season, and since Scream Factory is releasing their Army of Darkness Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray, we decided that we ought to cover the Director’s Cut because it’s perfect for the holiday.

Listen in to hear us talk about Guinness Nitro IPA (new!), Bruce Campbell’s Three Stooges antics, and the potential misogyny of Ash. We cover the other two Evil Dead movies, rankĀ Army of Darkness, and attempt to envision a sequel to the film in a different environment or time period. And, we pick which of the film’s endings works better – the original cut or the Director’s Cut. Listen in, and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, follow on Soundcloud, add on Stitcher, Like on Facebook, and email us at bloodandblackrumpodcast@gmail.com.


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