Afraid of the Dark April: The Cast of Are You Afraid of the Dark – Ross Hull

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What better way to start off our look at the Are You Afraid of the Dark? cast than with Gary himself, the leader and mentor of the Midnight Society.

Gary was played by Ross Hull, a Canadian actor born in Montreal. Hull had a few appearances in film and television shows, including the 1987 film Nowhere to Hide with Michael Ironside. He would have been 12 at the time.

He went on to play Jeff in a television show called Eric’s World, which aired in Canada for five seasons from 1991 – 1996. Then, in 1991, Are You Afraid of the Dark? began, where Ross played Gary through five seasons of scary stories. During these years, Hull played bit parts in various television shows including The Mighty Jungle and Ready or Not. He also landed a small part in Iron Eagle on the Attack with Lou Gossett Jr.

Once Are You Afraid of the Dark? ended, Ross had another mildly successful television show with Student Bodies, a Canadian show similar in theme to Saved By the Bell. It ran for three seasons.

Ross returned to Are You Afraid of the Dark? in 2000 for the TV miniseries “The Tale of the Silver Sight,” helping the new generation of Midnight Society members to stop an evil spirit.

After, Hull had two guest appearances on television series – Mutant X and Stargate: Atlantis, respectively, before moving into a reporting position and then a weather anchor for multiple networks.


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