I am the lucky recipient of some porno thanks to Synapse Films’ Impulse imprint, so I feel that I am morally obligated to go ahead and review those copies. 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 6 isn’t really your regular hardcore porn, though it does have all the necessities for an X-rated film; these releases are 8mm loops from videos that were used in adult bookstores and movie shops in the ’70s. There’s no audio to them, just the looping sound of a projector, but there’s a lot of bush and a lot of hair in general.

On this collection, Impulse offers up 15 different loops of videos of varying length. Along with it comes a very useful pullout booklet with an essay on Robert DiBernardo, a mobster who was pretty big in the porno racket. It’s worth a read for anyone interested in the backstory of porn, especially these 8mm videos.

There’s no easy way to review this stuff, and no real narrative to tie them all together, so I decided to break this two-hour disc down into the 15 loops, and give a short description of all of them. That way, you can decide what you like and what you don’t like to figure out if this disc is your cup of tea. Here goes, and there’s no shame in blushing a little bit.

Loop #1: This is probably the grossest loop of them all. A woman in a jail cell needs a tampon, so she does some dirty with the police officer. Turns out the tampon isn’t necessary, though; he’s willing and ready to go, and he gets some blood all over his face.

Loop #2: A woman inserts a cucumber, and then finds a midget beside her ready to get down to business. A random encounter ensues.

Loop #3: The most creative loop here: there’s a little story about a stewardess and her man getting it on, and there are even word sound effects for those who have trouble figuring out facial expressions.

Loop #4: A man and woman strip for each other, and then you know what to expect.

Loop #5: Another cucumber insertion, this time slightly peeled, because maybe that’s a thing? But randomly the TV goes out, so she gets the repairman to “help out.”

Loop #6: A party, with phallic champagne, and two women with one guy.

Loop #7: A beach setting, though clearly a soundstage with some fake grass and a couple of chicks with a surfer dude.

Loop #8: This time, at a public park? or so the opening footage indicates, though the background is tough to tell. Two dudes, two chicks.

Loop #9: By a roaring fire. Hippy chick? or just a girl with some ribbon around her head? And then another girl joins.

Loop #10: Some party where the butler’s doing two chicks, and he’s all, “What can I say? Kinda had to!” The man of the house joins.

Loop #11: An in-progress lesbian scene on a neat afghan.

Loop #12: Another lesbian scene with a girl with big boobs, double insertion too! Small and large toys.

Loop #13: Working woman wants to masturbate? Then another chick jumps on the table from out of nowhere and joins in.

Loop #14: They’ve really backloaded this one with lesbian stuff. More women doing the business, not much outrageous about it besides a really ugly woman.

Loop #15: More chicks with toys, sharing one long dildo. Cool physics, bro.

Those are the loops for ya. Are you man enough to take this on? Best to sit through these with a nice soundtrack going, maybe a glass of scotch, and the doors and windows closed. I’ve got four more hours of these bad boys to review, so if you’ve got an idea for a different kind of write-up, shoot it over.


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